Start Now


Where ever you are and where ever you want to go, start now.

There are really no excuses to procrastinate. The life you want, you can start living it right away.

Here are some examples:

  • You want to jog more? Go out and start do it!
  • You want to start a vlog? Start with whatever video cam or your mobile phone and do it!
  • You want to write? Start typing!
  • You want to accumulate wealth? Start saving from what you have, to look for opportunities with that that amount!

Too often the people who I talk with have barriers between their ideas and action. In reality, there are no excuses to start doing. In fact the most important thing you can do after an idea is to take action. Then keep doing that action on each day until it becomes a habit. Then keep that habit until it becomes your identity.

What is it you would like to do? Start now!

First version approach to action


Many times this is called ‘iterative’ approach, but as the word iterative does not make much sense to me, so I just call ‘just make the first version’ approach. In my recent days of blogging, I’ve finally begun to internalize this thought and result is action.

Therefore, I was thinking to write for everybody to read about it. I guess the original idea has it’s roots in the lean and agile thinking and working methods. This is pretty much the approach of the incomplete work to the incomplete world.

Today I also happened to bump to the School of Life video about Sen no Rikyu, which then reminded me about the really fundamental thought in zen.

Everything is impermanent, imperfect, incomplete. – Sen no Rikyu

This seems to complete the ‘just get the first version done’ -thinking really well. In practice this is really easy. For example if you want to write: just start typing or scribbling down words. If you can’t write words, scribble something that resembles them. If it’s difficult email you want to write and don’t know how start typing in those sentences, you can always edit. If it’s a blog you want to start just go and create one and publish something. You can always edit later.

Along with some other thoughts, I’ve finally understood that there is no really time to waste in this life. There are some famous thoughts by Seneca, that hit me deeply:

“It’s not that we’ve a short time to live, but that we waste much of it” – Seneca

“Add up all the stupid things you spend your life on… Start valuing your time” -Seneca

These and some others are now available on the my favorite wisdom page, which already got included quite a bunch of recently my favorite thoughts. However, it’s still missing about 28 years worth of favorite thoughts, which I’ll update as I they occur to me again, or as I get reminded about it in the form or another.

So just do the first version, good luck!

– Janne

Growing, nurturing and gathering those golden ideas

World is full of ideas. By themselves ideas do nothing and are not worth much. With right kind of knowledge and skills, certain ideas start to get some value, but otherwise…not much.

The idea is just neuron flare in our brains highlighting a bit more than usual number of connections.

Some ideas feel really powerful, then I would guess a lots more neurons are firing?

In any case, the idea generation shouldn’t be the problem, it’s the ground where the ideas are growing from and then capturing the fruits that the ground bears. What you are spending your conscious awake time feeding to your unconscious will reflect the kinds of ideas that will pop to your head later on.

In Linchpin Seth Godin outlines it really well, what separates an artist from not one, is one key thing: SHIPPING. And shipping means making your idea into something real by deadline.

Ship it.

To ship we need to have a starting point, which is the information we spend our days with. Really good rule of thumb for the quality of the content is indeed peer reviews. Reviewing, and all kinds of filtering has advantages: it will provide you with the clearer picture of what to expect and of course allows you to focus your time to the content that serves you very best. Published books have traditionally gone through many sets of filters, which have made them really good format for knowledge. In the other spectrum is all the content that doesn’t go through that many filters to be published like video streams or this blog for example. Internet provides pretty good system to find the relevant content through popularity and peer reviews. However if you only depend on the others to rate what you need, you are in trouble called bubble.

After you’ve begun to feed your mind with great ideas, information and knowledge. Now all you have to do is to live your life, try to think about what you’ve learned a bit and record all the thoughts that will pop up. Once you’ve enough knowledge to judge those ideas, you’ll see which ones are the golden ones and which ones are not. I really recommend taking notes all the time and when you cannot take notes, record them on your smartphone or something, anything!

When you recognize an idea that’s worth actionable, please do ship it, make it real!

Also, I want to add that if you ask for someone to help, to teach you something for example. Please record the lesson by taking notes or any kinds of memory tools! It’s ridiculous to ask for others to share golden thoughts and not to appreciate this by taking notes.

In my work, I never have to ask twice about same thing and I take pride in that. My wish is that more people would realize the value of note taking, because only when we capture all the ideas we can begin to recognize the golden ones and then to ship those.