Upgrade the Stories You Tell to Yourself


Be mindful of what you tell to yourself, about yourself, the day and the expectations.

Have positive expectations! By the things you say to yourself you can make each day a wonderful adventure. You would like to think that life is good and the world is conspiring to help you.

We can choose what we believe. It’s much more fun to think that the good things are going to happen today than bad things, right?

Easy to acknowledge, a bit more difficult to do, because this does take effort. However, the best time to start is now so that little by little you are able to remove the unskillful patterns and then manage the rest of the unhelpful thoughts as they come. Finally then you can fully nurture the thoughts that nurture your growth and experience of the life in total.

And your positive thinking does not only affect yourself, it increases primarily the wellbeing of those around you.

What are you waiting for? Create more positive stories about yourself, the world and the people. You will attract more opportunities this way than you will ever by complaining.

Have a wonderful evening!


We Have Only One True Enemy And We Cannot See It, Because It’s In Us


 Thoughts and emotions are the strongest noise when we are conscious. Being alone with these is terrifying.

I am not good enough. This place is better off without me.

These are just some of the examples that mind is capable of producing, without any evidence. Insecurities, fears, experiences combined and exaggerated can create such without any effort.

Who does even bother to listen to these?

We can seek the comfort of others. Noise gets blurred, however it never goes away unless we learn to deal with it. We can receive guidance, and mostly likely should.

When it comes to the mind, it’s a jungle, we have to become the Tarzan.

The strongest predator in the jungle is no other than our own fears and cruelties we inflict upon ourselves. We are alone with this task, even though we might receive invaluable advice, guidance, mentorship from others.

The task is not to tame the wild, but to learn to live with it.

As a personal anecdote, I’ve had the two day party streak this weekend on top of weeks long work. This is rather unusual for me, yet very much needed. Summer time in Finland is wonderful and it needs to be lived to fully. We should throw at life all our energies and then some more. This is what separates man from the beast, the joy of living. It’s not only joy of party, but joy of work as well.

This morning then I reflect my two party nights and I’ve few regrets so far. Biggest regret is the things that we have not done and as far as the actions are aligned with the values they are likely to feel right.

In any case, I’ve noticed that it’s not really natural or easy for me to approach these situations without any anxiety. My mind is self-sabotaging all the time. It takes serious conscious reprogramming with situation by situation to feel alright.

Mostly my mind is my enemy. Although I cannot tell about other people, however since they do not give any signal that could interpret, I’ve to believe that it’s mostly just my internal thinking that sabotages my efforts.

“You need to learn how to select your thoughts just the same way you select your clothes every day. This is a power you can cultivate. If you want to control things in your life so bad, work on the mind. That’s the only thing you should be trying to control.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

I dislike hostile words that have to do with violence such as the enemy. However, in this case the mind is the enemy, the hostile saboteur or the friendly and punctual caretaker, gardener of our souls. We have to carefully choose which one we want to work for us. The trick is that, at first the gardener is novice, completely unskilled. We need to teach the mind the habits of greatness unless those are instilled upon us by friendly influences.

Aligning the Mind


meditation-2214532_640.jpgThrough the busy days, a lot of thoughts, insights, fears, worries etc. tend to be buried in our minds. Thoughts that keep returning to our consciousness unless we acknowledge their existence.

During this year I haven’t been meditating regularly and I noticed that since I’ve fallen out of that habit I’ve become more prone to the stresses of life.

So I’ve now taken the time to get back into the habit of meditation in the morning and in the evening. Even starting with as little as five to ten minutes does wonders. Once the habit takes over, on times the sessions often take longer if necessary.

Past time eight years, I’ve found out that still the habit of regularly and consciously having the time and habit for the meditation is indeed the best. It’s easiest to stay aware, mindful about the thoughts and root out the unskillful thoughts when they are still their weakest. For this, to increase the mindfulness I guess it is skillful to align the mind through meditation in the morning and then in the evening to do a sort of quality check for the day.

“Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thought.” – Buddha