Reading is Superpower  


books-484766_640.jpgAside from getting things done, reading is my favorite pastime. The more I’ve read the more I like reading, without the cost of actual action of course. Knowledge without application is not much at all, therefore you should always seek to ask yourself “what and how I am going to apply this to my life?”

The more I read the more amazed I am by everything that I do not know.

The more I know, the more I know how little in fact I know.

The more I read the more I want to read.

I want to visit the places of the books. And create places that do not yet exsist.

Reading is an amazing door to the worlds, I wish everybody knew this.

Reading the superpower to do anything. Aside from making the ideas real, the only activities I get more out of are teaching and writing.

Exercise your superpower, read more.

“It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.” ― Oscar Wilde

Transforming the Energies and Identity to a More Mature Form


Wow what an interesting topic! I am so excited about life. Recently I’ve been attracted to things which have very positive energy. Although I cannot see energy, I think everyone can feel or sense the energy of others somehow.

I believe we are attracted to the people that somehow have the energy level that we either desire or otherwise are in harmony with.

My knowledge is based on just a few different books and personal experiences. However, the topic of personal energies and the idea that our identity is somehow connected to the energy that we are projecting outwards is tremendously exciting topic to me.

There is energy all around us. When we do something (=work), we certainly use energy. However, energy does not disappear it just changes a form. Energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed. In the same way what we choose to do, our decisions, our personality, our very identity creates and transforms energy.

What makes this part very difficult is that we cannot really measure these changes is energy, so therefore from scientific point of view we are on a very thin ice. We cannot measure the mind either.

We cannot measure ourselves.

Yet we can have tremendous impact on the visible world. We can measure our own doing thought. And if we keep track of our own results, perhaps we can track what is “good” and what is “bad” for us from personal identity stand point as well. Although the problem here is the timeframe: often what is good in the short run, is not the same as longer time frame.

We are all born with infantile energies, and we must work to transform this energies into a more mature form. This could be called spiritual or intellectual evolution. Often the process of transformation requires a guide, a wise man or woman. These are the passages of the ancients.

In the modern world we have less and less such passages in order to transform the energies, so we are increasingly left to our own devices, our means to transform our personal identities to work to a higher level.

For as long as we live, I believe we either must work within ourselves, or when we achieve the maturity, we must start guiding others. First steps would be to identify what would be truly mature and skillful level of operation. Then we should accept our present state and start sublimating the energy.

A good book, I recommend starting out, written especially from the masculine point of view is: King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine.

Today I began to read this book for a second time and picked out a few important ways to recognize the archetypes we are running in our minds and then to shape them into a more mature version. Here are some tools which you can use to transform your energies into a more mature:

  • Meditation
  • Psychotherapy
  • Active imagination

Full list is provided in the book for those further interested.

On the path of growth, perhaps most important abilities are the ability to read and think critically. In this way you will find better quality information for your personal transformation. So then you may transform your whole very being into a more mature, responsible adult, whose destiny is like that of all living beings. Yet our lives have a purpose and we may touch the lives of many before we perish!

Keep on sublimating!


Repetition – Simple Way to Get More Out of Reading and Learning


When it comes to reading or learning anything worthwhile, repetition is underappreciated. Common arguments go like “why bother learning anything at all because you can Google it.”

Well certainly you can Google, however you are just relying on outer source of information which may or may not be available. Another thing is that you are just processing information, you lose wholly the ability to understand deeply and synthetize deeply on based on this and other knowledge you have.

To simply put, that which you do not know and remember are not in the domain of your thinking, you cannot use it very well.

Simple way to get more knowledge, is to read more. And then read again after sometime, in order to understand what you have read even more deeply and from other perspectives.

After each reading time it’s good to have some key takeaways and put them in to action. And when you read it the next time you are more proficient in everything the book discusses and you can dive deeper.

When you repeat the repetition eventually you become the master, you could write it on your own, because you have done as you preach so long.

Eat the ideas


To grow, we need to learn and forget and learn again. How does even a new idea find fertile ground in the mind? We need to consciously create space for it.

It’s not enough for a thought to be read, heard or even taught.

It must become our life. We must think about, talk about it, forget about it and then apply. We must keep doing that over and over again, until at some point we start to identify with the new way of action.

Only when an idea or thought becomes action it has taken a root in our minds.

One example of such idea, was about how to conduct the normal desktop job, while sitting. Of course for a long time I and other people waited for the electric motor tables in order to do work efficiently… That’s until I read “Eat, Move, Sleep” by Tom Rath. That book was the tipping point and it put what I knew to the action, instead of just waiting for something to happen. Ever since I read that book, I try to stand up and do as much work standing up as possible.

To get the ideas into action:

Read the ideas,

Eat the ideas,

Breathe the ideas.

Our minds are constantly trying to compress more important thoughts into less space. Therefore it’s important to make sure you are well immersed in the new ideas you want to internalize.

How to read more?



So are you in the club of people who would like to read more, but just can’t find somehow the focus,  discipline, time or whatever?

Earlier in why we need read more we’ve some of the reasons to read more. Reading is essentially good use of the skill, otherwise it would be same as if you were illiterate. Also if view the this thing from writer perspective: summarizing everything you know for the reader takes a lots of effort. Published works go through so many ‘filters’ that the content is pretty good.

Even so there is so much to read, so we need yet another filter. We need the filter for us, what we need right now. And I think that is the key for the people who are not able to finish a book, especially in the case of nonfiction or why not fiction as well. I am big believer that there is always a book for each situation in life. A lots of people have lived before us, therefore there are no problems in life that hasn’t been already faced by someone else. So why not to learn from that?

There are time and place for the right book so it’s good idea to look around and know what’s out there. Once the time is right and you want to read, do it 😉

This is essentially how I’ve read past ten months over twenty books, which is many times more than past years.

Important places to look for interesting books is of course interesting people, almost everyone has a recommendation. Usually I don’t read those recommendations right away because like I said, when the time is right I will.


Why We Need to Read More?

Photograph © Andrew Dunn, 5 November 2004. Website:
Photograph © Andrew Dunn, 5 November 2004.

Short backstory to this question is related to me finishing up the Daniel Pink’s book To Sell is Human. In the end of the book there are thoughts about linking to message to the why and especially we purpose. Apparently it is so that, if we know the BIG WHY, we perform a lot better.

This put me really thinking, why is it we so little link our communication to the really big picture of things. Inspired by this idea, I decided to think a few reasons for me to read more that will help the bigger picture of things, not just me, but my girlfriend, family and work… While doing this I quickly noticed that its’ not only I who should do more reading, but us. The whole humanity needs to be doing more reading.

Okay so, as I had finished up writing and rewriting the list for a few times, I felt that it was okay for my own purposes. At this time I decided to check out google for some additional points to supplement my own brainstorming. However, to my surprise the few first results of google results were tackling the why “you should” point more than, the “why we should”. Well I tried adjusting search words by actually adding we there, but the results were the same, unsatisfactory.

Then I decided to check out Quora, there was the same scenario, I copy pasted my answer there… However, I kind of felt like unsatisfied… I decided to post this into my blog as well with this explanatory backstory.

I also printed it out for my kitchen in order to track my reading progress of finished books. I’ve had the really bad habit of just skimming to through books and assuming I know & have read them, even though this is not the case. So now so far I have finished since May seven books and I intend to finish a few more before the end of year.

Why? Well because:

  • Literature is the accumulated wisdom and knowledge of all men before us. This can help us find many things like: purpose, health, love, living, tranquility and joy.
  • Reading trains our critical-reading skills, which then again is the basis for progress. If we think world should be better place after us, then we should challenge the status quo.
  • Reading broadens our world and offers wisdom with sensible arguments to take smarter action. Equipped with this wisdom and arguments, we may change not only our life, but the lives of those around all around us and beyond, for better.
  • Reading allows us to discover our possibilities and purpose, connecting us more tightly to it. We’ll start to see how our actions affect the people and world around us.
  • We will be able to civilize ourselves beyond our own culture and perspectives. This furthermore allows us to connect with people from all kinds of diverse backgrounds. This understanding is the basis for co-operation and solution orientation that can turn even the grandest troubles to possibilities.
  • As literature is the one form of human information sharing, we will be able to involve more and more people to the dialogue of ideas and thoughts, which is necessary for progression and cultural evolution.

And the real reasons don’t even stop here, this is just the beginning. The impact of reading is really grander than all of us!

Feel free to share this. Also if you have any ideas for more grand points please leave a comment, send me a tweet or email jhapiiroinen {at} gmail {dot} com.