Mature Response


I read King, Warrior, Magician, Lover and The King Within to support my contemplation on maturity and what does that actually means. It’s clear that not all old people are mature, or all the mature people are old.

Maturity has to do with a quite a different thing than age. It’s more about how do you respond to outside stimuli. Jari Sarasvuo put it very well: “maturity is impulse control.” He further adds that it is either that you cannot be and express yourself or you cannot control your impulses.

Mature response to outside stimuli is to create a win out of everything that happens to you. It’s not only that ability to see and create it, however it’s ability to see the bright side in everything.

World is providing abundant possibilities for us to build the character we want to be, it is up to us to start shaping ourselves through responding more maturely through action and effort.

Observe your emotions and tell me what do you see? Do you see fear, insecure or perhaps it is anger or lust? Whatever emotions you have, does not mean you are those emotions.

We all are incomplete and immature to a degree. Yet the fact that we feel something, doesn’t mean we are something. What we feel we are not. We may still choose how do we act on these feelings.

I.e. I may feel jealous, however once I recognize that it is up to me what to do with this feeling and the energy. Do I put it to work on my own virtue or do I waste it on useless things to feel better or to put it in effort of resentment of others, which does not lead to anyone’s goodness.

Emotions are energy to be used for fuel of our virtue. Mature response is to sublimate whatever you may feel, into something greater for the good of others. If you can keep doing this, you will live the virtuous true and nothing in the world can stop you from enjoying and living a happy life. You are in fact building one for yourself through responding and shaping what the world throws at you.

Whatever the world throws at you, make something good out of it! Take everything as a gift, add you thing to it and give it further 🙂

Examples for such mature response and action would be in my case writing, meditation,  exercise, work or connecting with loved ones.  You will always find ways to channel the setbacks into a virtuous action and if you keep at this long enough, you good things will follow to your life.

Have a great evening!


Don’t Let the Limits Bother You


Creativity blossoms out of limits.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” ― Henry Ford

Excuses are form of our own thoughts limiting our own actions. Let go of excuses.

Beliefs what is or is not possible is a form of limitation. Do not let beliefs hold you back, look to open up possibilities.

What we have achieved before, does not mean something is impossible. It has just merely been done before. Do not let past, history limit you.

What others think you can or cannot do, is not necessarily accurate judgement. Do not let others determine what you can or cannot do. You know yourself best and if you think you have a chance, try it out.

Do not let the limits bother you, even if there are limits, seek to build bridges in between. You will find more strength and are able to summon unexpected strength and creativity. Limits are the construction material for greatness.

Wonder of the Present Moment


Present is the wonderful state, in which you have everything you will ever have or ever need. Your past cannot be taken away from you, or you cannot lose your future just because it has been promised to you. Only real time is the present, others are just fragments of the past and future has not yet decided how it will appear.

Do not worry about past, you cannot change it.

Do not worry about future, you cannot control it.

Focus to the tiny portion of the present in which you are in control.

“Present is all we have, no past or future cannot be taken away from us.” – Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Be fully present, inhale, exhale! Those are the joys of life. Just as the breath, life is full of energy going in and out. World has plenty of energy, plenty of possibilities, plenty of time!

World is abundant place when you sharpen what it is you want to do in the present moment. At the present moment you only have a space for one thing, you have chosen wisely, make sure to keep choosing wisely!

Have a great present moment!


You Cannot Know Everything, But You Can Have Access to All What We Know


I think renaissance man, an ideal worth striving for. This is because human mind, and brain itself can create immerse amount of value in short time if it’s provided with right kind of cues.

Still it’s rather unlikely possibility to achieve to know everything about everything worth knowing. With cybernetics this might again be possible in time, but know we must carefully settle with all that we deem worth knowing. It is limited amount that we can know.

Despite the limitation, it is worthy effort to be driven by curiosity and live the life of philosophy. If we do this, and meet other people who do this each of us have our own strengths and knowledge. It is through other people that we can access to their knowledge as well.

Combined power of networks is incredible because of the speed.

Brain is technology that does not get old.




Today’s insight has to do with the complete different levels of motivations: internal and external. Tuomo Loukomies was coaching us about learning and I learned that the motivation is in fact prerequisite of learning.

I understood the vast difference between these two possibilities for motivating action.

People who are mainly moved by external rewards are also very much comfort seeking.

Where are internally driven people are willing to even suffer for their purpose. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls these people autotelic: “an autotelic person needs few material possessions and little entertainment, comfort, power, or fame because so much of what he or she does is already rewarding.”

Before I thought motivation is everyone’s own business, but gladly I understood today that the level of motivation can be of course influenced and changed. Even a person with zero influence can first to be motivated into some action with external rewards and eventually with patience even to the higher levels of motivation until the person becomes autotelic. With time and patience, this is possible.

Ability to Find Positive in Daily Experiences Increases Positive Experiences


Ability to find the positive in what happens increases the likelihood of future positive experiences. This is because our mind has a sort of lense through which we look, if we look positive we shall also find it. When finding positive becomes a habit we tend to find the positive experiences more easily and thus we experience more positive experiences.

About six years ago I started writing to my journal the at least three positive things from each day. At first it was a bit challenging, however in few weeks I could find effortlessly several positive things from the day. Now years later days are filled with positive things and half-dozen positive things come effortlessly and dozen with a bit of thinking.

This habit of training myself to find the positive has also rippled in many ways to the everyday life. I’ve learned to apply it to whatever happens and I try see most events from many perspectives and finding the value of the experience.

Value of positivity is such as:

  • Seeing challenges as chance to get stronger
  • Seeing past as a treasure trove of learning
  • Not being something yet, is call to adventure

By being more positive means merely focusing on what is good with the world, rather than what is wrong. It is constructive approach to the strengths and possibilities.

Learning Begins With Ignorance


Life is a learning experience, about the world and about ourselves. About ourselves, not everything is not revealed even during lifetime. Thinking about this: even though we are with ourselves, yet we barely can comprehend this.

If we cannot know ourselves fully through lifetime, how can we expect to do so about others, or about our environment?

Learning begins when we acknowledge our ignorance or the lack of understanding. It’s often about the things we take pride in, that we have to admit that we do now know much at all. If we can do this in healthy manner we can rise to a higher level, where again eventually we will face the place where we have to admit to our own ignorance.

Where ever there is ignorance, there is also potential for learning.

Learning to admit our own ignorance is one really useful skill to have and to recognize.  Ignorance is often focusing on one kind of thinking and shutting down the other possibilities. Total openness and awareness about the possibilities could be at the other end of the spectrum.

For the word ignorance, antonyms are for example understanding, intelligence, education or wisdom.

More important than absolute states I think is the direction which we are going to: is it opening or closing. Enabling possibilities or shutting down possibilities.

Learning means progress and thus increasing liberties. Ignorance means satisfying what is and shutting off possibilities.

However, we learn the quickest when we recognize the ignorant thought patterns in our lives, accept them and then we can start to notice that over there is actually a lot to learn!

Make Your Desired Goals Inevitable


We cannot achieve everything we desire. Most of the desires in fact are rather harmful and unnecessary.

In this life we have little energy to achieve desires. Therefore running after many desires is rather devastating and unsatisfying, as in this way it is unlikely that we will be able to satisfy many desires at once.

Satisfying needs is more important than satisfying desires. Yet life completely without desire would be a rather dull existence. Instead of going moment by moment after a desire, how about select one long term desire, a dream to fulfill and focus your energy to that.

Once you know what you want, break it down into action. Make the action habit, do something for it everyday. Continue tweaking your lifestyle accordingly, so that all your habits and focusing will be bringing you closer to the achievement of your desire.

You will inevitably reach your desire if you get to live long enough. It is due to the fact that we do not when our mortality comes in question, so it is best not to focus too much on the end result either. Rather, because of the possibility we should make most of the days meaningful as possible by exactly working through small steps towards the grand goal which may or may not be one day achieved. At you have done each day everything that is in your power for the goal of desire.

Accurate Sense of the Reality is Requirement for Conscious Growth


What do we think is possible in life, dictates the direction of effort we are willing to put there. This is in a sense fine, as we progress a bit by bit with the expectations, our world is rather predictable. Yet especially for lets’ say people under 40 years, do not have accurate world view at all unless they’ve been training their mind to it rigorously. Most people are just average in this aspect (that’s what average means, the average of most people).

The better sense of the world we manage absorb allows us that actually start getting somewhere. Without the sense of reality, we do not even know where we are.

Therefore the habit of seeking the truth in the world is really a prerequisite for any conscious growth effort. When I first grasped a glimpse of this idea, I labelled that most of my assumptions, thoughts and knowledge about the world and of other people were not tested. What the not tested means, I was just operating on them, without really questioning my thoughts.

Results in my life were at that time (2007) really poor so I decided to try something else. First well, since my beliefs didn’t work I started to research for more interesting beliefs and try those. With most of my thoughts, assumptions and knowledge, I would test them. I.e. I was socially anxious so almost any social interaction was a good place to actually see if what I feared would happen. It turned out my fears were exaggerated one or two hundred fold.

After some experiences I made a tool out of my fears and pessimistic thinking that brought those worst-case scenarios so easily alive: writing down the worst case and asking is this really the worst that can happen. Next I would devise a plan how to work and handle this worst case if it indeed does happen. With this proactivity in mind, I gained the peace of mind as well as really valuable confidence as I knew what I would do if the worst case would in fact realize itself.

World isn’t what we think. We simply know too little to make so accurate world view, we rely upon too many generalizations and shortcuts. In time it’s possible to train the mind at least to the process of seeking the truth, although understanding the truth takes much more time and effort.

Possible Ways to Think


All that you think is possible is so.

What makes fun, and worth living, is that there is always more than one possible way to think. So if you think your work is dull and boring, you must be right. The opposite might be true at the same time even.

Yet we get to decide what we believe to be possible.

Did you know flourishing starts with love? Love is action. And the results will often be far more than we expect.

Opening up the mind to the possibilities makes life worth living for.