Set Exciting and Empowering Goals


Did you know it takes just about the same effort to be mediocre and awesome? Well I hadn’t thought about it that much, until now I realized this through listening Success Through Positive Mental Attitude by Napoleon Hill.

Let’s say remaining mediocre means you can remain in your comfort zone and does not require much mental effort. In real effort through, which does feel better: accomplishing mediocre goals or accomplishing awesome goals?

Set goals that empower and make you feel excited about life. Do not think in terms of what you can or cannot, instead set the goal first and let the excitement fill you. Good goals should energize you each day.

Keep the goal in mind and start thinking how you could do it. Your subconscious starts to work on that. Keep the goal visible, so that you can each morning ask yourself how I can do it, what can I do for today?

Setting exciting and empowering goals, will energize you to think different and in the end make you achieve those goals.

Today utopia, tomorrow flesh and blood as Victor Hugo said.

If you want to dive deeper into energizing goal setting I recommend listening Awaken the Giant Within Abridged edition by Tony Robbins. It’s just 1h and 30 minutes and you will get to set four of your major life goals in a guided manner.

Upgrade the Stories You Tell to Yourself


Be mindful of what you tell to yourself, about yourself, the day and the expectations.

Have positive expectations! By the things you say to yourself you can make each day a wonderful adventure. You would like to think that life is good and the world is conspiring to help you.

We can choose what we believe. It’s much more fun to think that the good things are going to happen today than bad things, right?

Easy to acknowledge, a bit more difficult to do, because this does take effort. However, the best time to start is now so that little by little you are able to remove the unskillful patterns and then manage the rest of the unhelpful thoughts as they come. Finally then you can fully nurture the thoughts that nurture your growth and experience of the life in total.

And your positive thinking does not only affect yourself, it increases primarily the wellbeing of those around you.

What are you waiting for? Create more positive stories about yourself, the world and the people. You will attract more opportunities this way than you will ever by complaining.

Have a wonderful evening!


Happy Way to Get What You Want In Life


Think for a moment, what it is you want in life? Let’s say next three years. Set an audacious goal.

Isn’t it so that you probably have to face some kind of adversity in order to get that? If it was anything daring, out of your current level of competence, this is definitely case. Audacious goals are audacious and meaningful exactly because they are just beyond our current level of operating.  Does what you what bring happiness or just gratification to you? Make sure to pursue the kind of goal that brings something more lasting than the instant gratification.

Okay now we have an audacious goal in three years, what are you going to do now towards that? Crawling millimeter by millimeter towards the goal is the key to the success as I wrote in the Climb.

Also another trick towards being more productive and getting to your goal even more sure AND feeling happier now is being happy now. Well while of course that won’t happen just because I tell you so, here are some ideas to get a boost in your both present and long term happiness:

  • Giving
  • Sharing
  • Kindness
  • Gratitude
  • Going extra mile to smile

That which we focus upon grows. That’s why I am always looking opportunities to help, give and share. I’ve been writing gratitude’s to my journal, actually anything positive. My favorite addition to my routine this fall to start giving positive feedback, so now I try to use every opportunity to do that as well.

So now you have an audacious goal, that is probably connected to your bigger purpose. Give your daily tasks your everything, you are surely to develop very good at them. Crawl forward and remember to be happy first 🙂


Exercise Advantage


We are created to move. The benefits of exercise transfer to all areas of life. I guess one of the most underappreciated form of advantage is the cognitive advantages: people who exercise more learn faster and remember better.

Above all it is not even that difficult: we just need to reduce the passive time and substitute it with standing up or walking for example.

The 10 000 steps a day is a worthy goal. Even if you cannot make it to the 10 000 try 7 000 at first, it’s gonna transform your life in the long run, not just your body, but your mind as well.

Over time, exercise energizes. Exercise let’s us to rewire our thoughts and emotions into a more positive state as well.

Health is based on movement, nutrition and sleep. If you have enough of all these, you are likely to live a healthy life. Then there are exceptions to both directions. Those who exercise gain the health advantage, those who do not throw the advantage away.

Your Emotional State is in Your Control


Human beings are emotional creatures, emotions are contagious. In the Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor there was the two minute rule: the dominant emotion after two minutes will prevail in a group.

Because nothing worthwhile can be achieved by our own, we take part in social groups. It’s in these groups that emotions are more contagious than ever. In life business the emotional states affect the much desired results of a business and this of course isn’t good for the business.

These things being said, we are human & emotional creatures. We cannot turn off our emotions, so we have to accept that what we are and work from there. It turns out, as I have many times written we cannot choose how we feel, however we can choose how do we respond to it. Our total emotional life is dictated by our responses to different feelings.

Annoyances in life will occur. How we react depends on our own values, self-awareness, imagination, free will and conscience. We can identify our values, we can improve our self-awareness, we can use our imagination to explore alternative options, we have free will to decide otherwise…

When we are with others, we can choose what we bring to the table. We can choose the attitude with which we partake in the common effort. Use your imagination a bit, and think that you have a task to get completed, then you ask two different colleagues for help:

A reluctantly accept the job.

B enthusiastically accepts: “I do this and…

Try it yourself. Instead of just doing your work you add “and…”, you take the work further without asking. If you do this consistently and thus challenge yourself and raise the bar you’ll get really good. The difficult becomes easy. Attitude matters.

We are all in service profession.

Why to bother with any of this? Love.

“Love is the will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth… Love is as love does. Love is an act of will — namely, both an intention and an action. Will also implies choice. We do not have to love. We choose to love.”
― M. Scott Peck

Smile Your Way Through


Smile has power to change negative to positive in our own experience, we can counteract the effects of pessimistic thinking by forcing a smile for example. Even a forced smile makes our brains and bodies to re-evaluate the situation: “is this really so bad?”

Eventually smile can rewire our experience, and the fake smile can become a real one.

Fake it till you make it, William James said and so does positive psychology.

Smile manifests positive emotions, which in turn create cycle of positive emotions. Emotions are contagious so why not spread some smile?

With smile action can be more fun, pleasant and thus also productive.

My Salsa Roots and Goals


Today’s experiences provide me with so wonderful ingredients for reflection that I simply cannot pass. It’s very much related to my new hobby: Salsa and how I found out about it.

I’ve found that introducing my new hobby to people get more surprising reactions. Even more surprising reactions people get when they hear the name of the Salsa instructor Mikko Kemppe, who is apparently known even better among young men for writing a free dating guide.

I found Salsa, Helsinki Salsa Academy and Mikko Kemppe purely through my Facebook friends, who had liked Helsinki Salsa Academy when I was looking at their ad in the beginning of July. For a longer time I’ve been considering now to start a hobby, for which I was first considering fitness boxing, however which I felt was a bit lonely and also against my ideals of violence even though the fitness boxing in itself you don’t have to be punching anyone in the face. I just felt that I although at some point in my life, I had liked boxing and especially the training method of boxing, now it didn’t seem to match my value system anymore. So I was considering alternatives, for which dance seemed to be one rather wild take. Yet dance in my world had rather special meaning as  I understood it as a creative and love, fun and connection building activity. I didn’t have any dance background at all, but when I started to look further into what Helsinki Salsa Academy offered I started to like the idea of trying out Salsa in intensive weekend setting, so I signed up.

My decision wasn’t easy, however the abundant videos of previous experiences at the website made it much easier to make. After checking the schedules, which seemed to fit my plans perfectly I just needed to go ahead and decide what I want from life. I considered my options and thought that the positive energy that the Salsa has, is certainly very attractive. I am attracted like a fly to positive and energetic people and based on that insight I had my mind.

I loved every second of the Salsa intensive. They were three and half our intensives on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was the first day I also met Mikko Kemppe live. I had tried to watch some of his Youtube earlier, but I couldn’t go on for too long, because I felt his speech was rather slow and the topics were not in my top of mind at the moment. Mikko made very positive impression with both of his style, positive energy and story-telling ability. I liked his style quite simply and decided that if I am able keep on Sunday I shall continue my efforts during upcoming fall.

So it turns out, on Sunday I was having rather positive surprises! Despite little sleep due to the night life, I was having amazing time! So I without much hesitation I decided to sign up for the fall courses right away.

Yesterday I had the first lesson in novice group. In between this intensive and this session I had practiced and learned by heart already all the basic steps, so continuing now was rather easy: I could focus more to the form and body movements on single training part. With pairs, I still have a lot to learn. Leading is hard: you’ve to keep in rhythm and be creative about actual dance, while at the same time executing the moves of course!

What I like about Helsinki Salsa Academy approach is the certain ‘seriousness’ at the business. First thing pretty much we did at the novice group, was to introduce ourselves to the group and set some goals for ourselves, for the next three months and next year.

It is this goal that then inspired me finally to write this blog as well in the end, because I managed to put it in some inspiring words. My one year goal is quite simply to become Salsa club tourist. To me this has rather deeper meaning than the actual words might perceive: I mean by this the ability pretty much go to visit any salsa club and go and have fun on the dance floor.

It’s rather measurable with the salsa club dance floors visited too, so I like that. Then there is of course the subjective experience part.

As for my three month plan, my goal would be to take the first step on the dance floor as I’ve just begun I think it’s a good place to start and to work towards.