Now is the Time to Be What You Can Be


In short I’ve fallen for stoicism. During the January I’ve re-read two books on stoicism: Meditations by Marcus Aurelius and Obstacle is the way by Ryan Holiday. Also currently I am reading Ego is the Enemy and I will read the Daily Stoic.

Stoicism is a practical and applied philosophy of a virtuous life. If you cannot practice the thought or virtue, it’s not stoicism. Being a stoic means having inner dialogue, finding what you are in control of and then living the best life you can from there with no complaints about the circumstances or about results. Stoicism is about action, not about attaching to the rewards.

Living the best you can in the present, because stoic recognizes life is only in the present. Nobody can change the past, however with the action in the present we create future. Nor does stoic gets attached to the future – everything goes to the plan because we are creating the plan every moment as we go. Stoic cannot be thus harmed by ill will, because stoic turns any obstacle into opportunity or dies trying.

Literally stoic recognizes the shortness of life: memento mori – remember you are mortal.

It’s only now time to be what you can be. It’s now when you should start not only being, but start the doing. Be the doing you can be!

I decided to modify the words of Gandhi: Do the change you want to see in the world. Doing is being, do not just talk, start doing something about what you want! In the end we never cannot be still to long, we are never complete, perfection is just a day dream. Excellence is what we should pursue. Excellence means the best we are capable of with the given time and resources. We do not need to commit overly too much resources, that would be foolish, yet we need just enough to create excellence, the best possible solution.

Excellence requires letting go and yet finding ways to fulfill the need completely. Excellence is the practice of virtues. Every day we become what we can be if we practice excellence. The time to practice excellence is now!

Re-framing the Suffering



Suffering is not an attractive thought, yet it is part of our lives as much as life and death is.

Since we are here, and we are bound to suffer. Then only thing that matters is counts is what do we do with it.

Do we deny or accept the suffering? Do we perhaps view it as an opportunity to grow, and seeing it as an opportunity to learn.

What we experience as suffering is a really good motivator as we are likely to avoid that in the future. When we understand that the suffering is really an attempt o learn something, we may go far. We have re-framed the suffering as something part of life and merely a signal that something should be learned so that we do not have to simply wait here until something happens.

Two Hopeful Realizations



  • Life is plentiful in helping, when we dare to ask for the right things. Being open and honest what I wanted a few weeks ago has resulted ever since then in increasing opportunities to grow. So even though directly I did not get exactly what I was applying for, actually my call has been heard already. So this got me thinking that life is indeed working to help and open two doors when one does close. It’s like branching tree or expanding universe.
  • History is library to build upon. Especially personal history offers so much, so using that is very constructive thinking.

Convert Sh*t to Opportunties by Being More Responsible


We are fully (100%) responsible for our lives. It is easy to be unsatisfied with some parts of it.

Whatever you are satisfied or not, you are responsible for it.

There are no excuses around responsibility, this is my mantra. Action intensified with responsibility creates focused action, to get the sh*t done. This is kind of transformative concept I try to remind myself of.

Have you ever got task, project or responsibility, which you wouldn’t have wanted, and nobody else wanted that either? Welcome to the club, that’s life.

Unwanted responsibilities are opportunities in disguise from which we need to build our lives. Maybe there are golden opportunities, however those too good to be true things are scam, so at least it’s better to stick with that what is real.


It’s like when life gives you lemons you make lemonade etc.

Assuming the responsibility is about accepting the circumstances, it is the first step to wisdom. Then you can get to the work through which the opportunities reveal themselves. Taking the work seriously, will yield learning if nothing else, which is in itself an opportunity later on.