Resistance is a Growth Opportunity



Resistance might mean resistance to change. However, the more we feel resistance the more potential we have to grow. It does not have to be in a leap, although it could be.

It’s only through resistance and challenge that we can grow from. If there is no resistance present, then we are not in position to learn much either. Too much comfort stunts the growth.

Therefore when we notice resistance to do something, we know we have a lot of potential for growth in that area. Most of the growth in the area can come from simple acknowledgement and opening up to possibilities.

With resistance comes often denial: we start to decline opportunities. What if we would say yes instead, what’s the worst thing that can come from learning and trying something new? You are likely to learn something.

Resistance is a kind of invitation to explore and grow. Instead of locking up with resistance, be mindful and acknowledging: see it as an opportunity to grow now or in near future 🙂

Fulfill Your Potential, Give Your Gift to the World


Human mind tends to overestimate what is possible in the short run and underestimate what is possible in the long run.

This bias leads many, but not all. Through history there are people who have literally moved mountains or cut through them with small, daily actions repeated over thousands of days. You need to start to think your life in the same way: what small actions you can start doing today towards the realization of your grand goal?

If the goal feels unsurmountable, it’s not the right goal. Right goal is energizing if it were possible, you do not yet know. If you get too stuck on the totality of the goal, it will be depressing. Instead you should figure out some action, which will lead you probably to the right direction and then keep repeating these action each day. Eventually you will succeed, or die trying.

At least you tried 😉

How else we would ever to be know what is our potential, what we are capable in this life?

Even better, we should not think of ourselves too much as individuals trying to achieve something great. Start to think what is possible with co-operation and team work! Human beings are naturally social animals and we tremendously enjoy belonging and doing together. What is possible through super productivity is totally unknown. One plus one is more than two, always. In the same ways as two planks will hold much more weight as each plank individually, at best the social bonds will create much more than each one could ever do individually.

We are at least as much products of the culture (=other people) as we are our genes, and the biome we inherit. Thus nothing worthwhile should not be done alone: learn to co-operate and see how the pieces start to fit together.

Modern societies and businesses cannot operate without the power of this co-operation. We cannot specialize and dedicate our time to worthwhile efforts if our time is consumed to meet our very basic needs. With the division of labor we are getting some things right.

There still is a lot of potential in you and many others unharnessed, so it’s not a perfect system. However at least if you feel the frustration deep enough as I did nine years ago, you can start to do something about it and dedicate most of your free time to learn something more. Opportunities are not yet equal, however we should not blame our circumstances, in today and this age the opportunities are more abundant than ever.

For example:

  • Access to knowledge is great thanks to abundant libraries and internet.
  • The tools are more available than ever: i.e. you can write and publish a book, or a video very easily.

There are no excuses not to do, to start learning and to filling your potential. What is your gift to the world?

Upgrade the Stories You Tell to Yourself


Be mindful of what you tell to yourself, about yourself, the day and the expectations.

Have positive expectations! By the things you say to yourself you can make each day a wonderful adventure. You would like to think that life is good and the world is conspiring to help you.

We can choose what we believe. It’s much more fun to think that the good things are going to happen today than bad things, right?

Easy to acknowledge, a bit more difficult to do, because this does take effort. However, the best time to start is now so that little by little you are able to remove the unskillful patterns and then manage the rest of the unhelpful thoughts as they come. Finally then you can fully nurture the thoughts that nurture your growth and experience of the life in total.

And your positive thinking does not only affect yourself, it increases primarily the wellbeing of those around you.

What are you waiting for? Create more positive stories about yourself, the world and the people. You will attract more opportunities this way than you will ever by complaining.

Have a wonderful evening!


What Are You Investing Today?  


Exercise is an investment for tomorrow. Well being of others through comes through your health.

Learning is an investment for tomorrow: what you have learned by heart, you get to keep.

What are you doing today, to make your tomorrow better? When I realized this a couple weeks back, it changed completely the way I view my time.

Exercise wasn’t a chore anymore. Learning is a fun opportunity. Well both of these have been part of life for long, however now I found a new fun way to look at it: as an investment for tomorrow.

Exercise builds physical capacity, which enhances in turn the mental capacities to learn. Both of these capacities are at work at work. Working is therefore essentially building your capacity.

From work you might get paid in a way or another. What do you do with the money you get? Are you researching investment opportunities to make the money work for you?

If not, perhaps you should be. Because best investments for you require deep understanding, which can only come if you are looking at what market has to offer.

Investment becomes investment when the investment sum starts to work for you by returning more money that you put in.

One Big Goal and One Strategy to Achieve It


Any goal can be achieved by stating the action which then can be repeated until the goal is achieved. Simple and effective.

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” ― Confucius, Confucius: The Analects

Dashrath Manjhi had a goal: to make a road through the mountain, so people of his village could get a better access to doctors, schools and job opportunities. People thought he was mad. He carved four hours a day on top of his plowing work with hammer and chisel at it, and it took 22 years to carve through. He made it.

What is your one goal? What is your strategy (verb) that by which doing you will inevitably achieve it?

In example:

Goal: moving a mountain. Strategy: carrying away small stones.

Goal: building a road through mountain. Strategy: hammering away the mountain.

Goal: escape the rat race. Strategy: Building assets and alliances.

Third goal is my personal goal and for others it may have pitfalls due to the nature of language. First, escaping the rat race means that the passive income earned exceed the monthly expenses. Secondly, an asset is an investment that brings income. These are crucial definitions for the success of this strategy.

Now try it yourself write down your big goal and the strategy (verb) to achieve that.

From Suffering to Exhilaration


I’ve figured out that suffering is relative; that if I am suffering now then I just need to remember something more awful in comparison and I am suddenly alright.

During the days there is thin line between the joy and suffering. Often as long as we focus to what happens to us or who said what, we are probably suffering, because we are focusing too much on the external that is outside our control.

We should pay more attention to what is in our control, do that and then learn to find some positives from the present moment. With enough training our minds will find always some positives.

To me one of these positives is often that “things could be worse.” It’s comforting thought, although not very constructive. “Things could be better” is as much right or wrong, and yet it does not help to relieve the mental anguish that often grips me.

Last month I wrote the blog about Hell Yes. It’s about focusing to those things that truly interest us and we are willing to pay the price, the hell yes. If it’s not hell yes it’s no.

I’ve noticed that when I need to resort to the “things could be worse card” I am not really playing into my own hell yes. So something should be done? I don’t think life should be just being grateful just for being here either, although that’s great. Life should be exhilarating, because this experience makes it worth living.

Getting to exhilarating means saying more no to the mediocre. Working harder, and saying yes to the opportunities that really matter to us.

The Purpose of Life


As conscious beings, we can raise above, for example the biological purpose of life which is just merely to reproduce. With consciousness we have to ability to improve our run through the life and challenge ourselves to live through the virtues. We can in fact start delivering others people what they need in more abundant quantities than it was possible.

While short term gratification patterns are easy to fall into, they lose their gratification and meaning quickly due to the law of diminishing returns.

The other side of the coin is long-term gratification which is quite opposite. It takes conscious effort to stay on the path and the gratification may not never happen, however once it starts to happen it’s rather surprising and always abundant feeling experience.

With the ability to rise above our biological programming combined with the long term gratification, therefore we should aim to fulfill the needs of others at higher levels and for the longer periods of time. When we aim to do this, we are not only challenging ourselves to grow for the others, but others as well.

Life is really short time, therefore we should put effort into most of it and see what we can really achieve there.

Most of the suffering in fact is caused by the lost opportunities and regret. The rest is mainly boredom. These both are avoided, when we are willing to put the effort in each moment to life and fulfilling the purpose.



More on the purpose of life and fulfilling that purpose coming up on the following days, stay tuned.


Meditation on Needs and Opportunities

As long as you are breathing life has given you literally everything you need.

I realized this today. Literally we need to make our life out of what is in our present. Present is literally gift. However as our human minds easily forget this, we start to attach to the futures that did not occur in order we thought they would.

Mostly the suffering happens between the expectations and reality. I realized this today as I was walking around Copenhagen, a city which I intended to skip during this trip, but in reality I had the opportunity to look around for a day.

In a long time I cannot remember being in the flow, so present and focused. Above all I realized that as long as Ive something to breath, world has given me all the opportunities I need and it’s just up to me to decide which opportunities to follow.

Only Others Can See What You Need to Level Up

Vuorikiipeilijä, Kiivetä, Kiipeilylajeista At times there is a need to level up. Sometimes, you need a special person to point that out, to give the spark for just that.

Leveling up in life happens in bursts. Like a bonfire, you need something to burn first. For me and in my life, I’ve probably collected lots of stuff to burn. Yet what was missing the spark. Therefore I am extremely grateful to Stephanie who made this possible for me at this point in life to recognize such an need which I was completely unaware of.

Stephanie pointed out to me, that I could use some confidence. As intuitive and reflective person, I do pickup on this kind of meaningful feedback keenly and you could say that through the two days I vigorously reflected my thoughts to journal.

As a conclusion I understood human needs a bit better: Only someone else can give you what you need, and sometimes it’s tiny and meaningful hints like these that change the whole game. My horizons have broadened since then, actually proper metaphor would be that my eyes have been opened again after two years of walking blind (and of course occasionally walking to the right direction).

Now I’ve understood that in order to keep my courage at a high level, I need to constantly keep challenging myself. Therefore I happened to combine a want with a challenge: now I’ve a one way ticket to Paris, where my first plan is to see the Coldplay concert. This is a perfect opportunity for me to see how far I can go and with how little.

Life is about constant prioritization of multiple goals at the same time and to make that happen requires handling and clearing progressively harder challenges. I haven’t had enough progression lately on meaningful goals lately, so thanks to the feedback I’ve understood to fix that. It’s time to challenge myself and level up, in order to help others grow more (by the way this is the definition of love by Dr. Scott M. Peck as I mentioned in previous article).

Thank you Stephanie!



P.s. On a bigger scale, as an inspiration I remembered today that Elon Musk had a challenge to live with less than a dollar a day. Perhaps that could be something to try in a year. Just to see if I can do it of course.

Be Present and Create Value


Ability to produce value in the moment is the driver of growth and fruitful relationships.  Ability to create value is based on understanding and the consideration, take the needs of others into account and then from the personal experience, skills and knowledge able to produce something that is valuable to other as well.

Value is the driver that everything else obeys and follows.

Understand and create value.

To be able to create value we need sufficient energy and attention in the moment. Do the basics right: physical (health & fitness), mental & spiritual (clear mind) then stay present and you will start seeing the each moment as several opportunities to create value.