Sleep, move, eat


Tom Rath has written a wonderful book titled Eat, Move, Sleep, it’s one of the best books I’ve read on wellbeing and if you have not read it, that would be the one book to read.

Today I amused myself with the thought that prioritizing sleep is important because once I am well rested I can respond better to almost anything! Up until to a point.

Sleep therefore deserves to be first. The second is a bit more difficult, but I would assume that if I first take care that I’ve rested well enough and I’ve empty fridge I guess I would have to move. The same would’ve applied to the hunter-gatherer example: if there is nothing to eat we need to move before we can eat.

Especially when we live the life of growth, the growth happens when we rest.

WIN-WIN-WIN Changes for Everyone


After watching Before the Flood and writing the Let’s Change for All Life on Earth, I am still convinced that the time for action is now and world won’t change by itself. Therefore I am now committing to educate more myself about the topic of the climate change, what can we do now and what should we figure out, in order to actually make a difference.

I’ll try to combine all my knowledge in true win-win-win manner, because we deserve it.

I know that we all are afraid to do the right things that are beneficial to us, because I am scared.

We are really risk averse, and are afraid that we are going to be hurt. However most of the time it is worth it to risk a bit. Start small.



We should move more using our feet: walk to the shop instead of taking a car, walk the stairs, there is plenty of opportunities to move more. We all can find more ways to use less cars, elevators, escalators and electronic transportation. Benefits of moving more are huge!


Beef is one of the most inefficient resources, on the planet. And it is the most carbon intensive food we eat. If we drop just the beef out of our diet and replace it with chicken for example, we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

You see, cattle requires a lot of food, space, water to grow, therefore the total carbon footprint is huge.

However, we do not need to even eat that much beef. We can actually start adding more beneficial things to our diet for example broccoli and other fresh vegetables, this helps not only our bodies, but our minds as well to stay sharp!


Leave your car home, instead take the 15 – 30 minutes longer by commute, but bring a book with you.  This way you can finish dozens of books a year! If you become avid reader, I really recommend getting a Kindle or similar reading device.


These are couple of no brainers changes, that I’ve applied and I am glad seeing more and more people walking the stairs every day, because its’ good for them and also for the environment. As long as we keep using fossil fuels it’s good to keep in mind that the energy does not come off free.

In the longer run we should prefer investments to clean energy and find ways to use our natural surroundings better. I am talking about this natural resources, because here in Finland we do not have much sunlight during winter, but we have plenty of coldness, so where could we use this coldness? Google is already cooling of server farms with it, but I am sure there are other creative ways to start using our challenges as our strengths.

Further reading:

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