Don’t Let the Limits Bother You


Creativity blossoms out of limits.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” ― Henry Ford

Excuses are form of our own thoughts limiting our own actions. Let go of excuses.

Beliefs what is or is not possible is a form of limitation. Do not let beliefs hold you back, look to open up possibilities.

What we have achieved before, does not mean something is impossible. It has just merely been done before. Do not let past, history limit you.

What others think you can or cannot do, is not necessarily accurate judgement. Do not let others determine what you can or cannot do. You know yourself best and if you think you have a chance, try it out.

Do not let the limits bother you, even if there are limits, seek to build bridges in between. You will find more strength and are able to summon unexpected strength and creativity. Limits are the construction material for greatness.

We Can Draw a Box, but We Are Much More Than a Box



The problem of the box is that it assumes we know everything about ourselves and our surroundings. We cannot. We barely even know ourselves. Yet we attempt to place ourselves and others into these boxes. We even cannot measure our minds, so what are we to set any limits?

We can measure the kilocalories in our food, but we do not very well understand all the systemic effects on individuals of the food we eat. Each one of us is rather unique superorganism which is made much more than just our bodies. One third of our bodies is in fact bacteria populations, which are again rather unique.

Boxes, also known as limits are descriptive language, which useful is in existing incrementally the present. However, we must be prepared to discard and challenge these boxes at each turn. They are attempting to describe something that perhaps cannot even be described by words alone.

Your Perceived Limits Expand When You Do What You Can Do


Making your dream come true happens a one step at a time. If it’s ever going to happen, it’s going to happen step by step. Make the determination to take the step to the direction today, then continue tomorrow and keep going.

Today I realized that that the perceived limits shift all the time. If we take the step today, then the boundary is pushed away just a little bit. However, on the other hand if we do not attempt to take the step forward, instead we just keep repeating the same as yesterday, then our perceived limits already start to shrink a tiny bit. And if we do not do at all, then the shrinking really accelerates each day.

Where are your perceived limits? What are you doing to challenge them?

When we chip away at our dreams by doing a step at a time, it allows ourselves to develop in many ways and most importantly push the perceived limits much further than we thought was possible.

Challenge Yourself and Survive

Challenging yourself is difficult without the aid of others. Today as I walked 23k steps with little sleep and as a background having had another 20k steps plus standing, jumping and partying at a concert.

When I was walking today I recalled that I probably hadn’t had so tiring feeling in my feet since I was in the army.

Conclusion: we want to stay in the comfort zone so bad.

I remember when we were marching, the lieutenants in army used to come up every once in a while and ask how we are feeling. Of course they were observing as well our both physical and mental condition. I was about twenty years old then. For myself I didn’t have such capacity, I was too impatient.

In the present moment I have got a bit further because I am able to observe objectively my thoughts and emotions as well to have kind attitude towards both skillful and unskillful thoughts and emotions.

The time between these two points is ten years.

To attempt to describe life back and now, it seems I am growing more concussions with both experience and practice.

The big learning thought: it’s hard to challenge oneself too much as long as it is if its progressive and there is sufficient rest and knowledge of imagined limits. 

Identifying Needs


Today I learned interesting things about needs and wants. I.e. that wants are indeed expression of needs, although they are not really that accurate. We even may be unaware of the underlying needs, even though the particular want may point direction (or not).

Next question is indeed, how to identify the needs in self and others with higher accuracy.

First thing to do would be to define a need.

Merriam Webster has several definitions, but the psychological definition would be a physiological or psychological requirement for the well-being of an organism.

To put it more simply: need is the feeling of lacking something (in order to feel happy).

We are always expressing our needs. This helps ourselves to understand our own and the needs of others better.

Last of Freedoms


A thought that keeps coming to me more and more is that how happy I can choose to be. This thought comes from the realization that I’ve had that we can actually choose our emotional response. Victor Frankl wrote the Man’s Searching for a Meaning where he has been personally experimenting the limits of this sense of freedom which he calls last of our freedoms.

In cognitive behavioral theraphy there is as well the idea that often before emotion a thought occurs. When we can start to recognize the cycles of thoughts, emotions and action we can begin to see our life more objectively.

Last week I picked up this as a new mindfulness routine as well: I began to classify what kind of feelings the thoughts had behind them and this furthermore increased my inner awareness.

Thoughts and emotions which aren’t being noticed will only grow stronger, so it’s good to have the time to acknowledge them and try to understand what the emotions are telling us.

However, it’s also good to remember that we are not our thoughts, or we are not our emotions. Thanks to our consciousness we can choose to respond to these thoughts and emotions. We have the last call. Because of this choice, we can literally decide and that feels liberating.

Growing Through Surprises


Today I underwent an interesting part of interviews, which was in itself already important in terms of learning and clarification. In itself the event let me understand that randomness, uncertainty and chaos are desirable for those who wish to grow.

Out of uncertainty, the creative and courageous can create something of value for all.

I realized, that I want to be in situations like that: where I feel like I’ve some sense of competence and control, yet there is randomness and much to learn. Zone of uncomfort and uncertainty is necessary for growth. Beyond uncomfort zone is the panic zone, which is too far. We need to have certain sense of skill and control, from which we can venture into unknown to.

We grow the best when we manage to survive something we did not think it was possible. It’s like getting lost, but knowing how to read map and compass. First thing you do is to find where you are on the map, and then start to navigate your way from there.

Surprises are surprises, because we did not think of it. It’s something we are not able to imagine. Surprises have impact, because there is something that we did not think could be. Immediately it puts our consciousness to adapt to the new situation.

In healthy doses, surprises are awesome spicy, the spice of life.

Personal Leadership



Everything in this life we have is in the present moment.

To navigate from here to somewhere, we can either get by coincidence or by having a system.

Personal leadership is such a system which helps us iterate towards the desired or more desirable outcome. Personal leadership is mastery over our short term wants for longer term desire for which we are willing to make sacrifices and take action. Furthermore not only we have longer term view, but also we are sacrificing the present attention to that long term view and that shows in the energy we are putting to think big.

All leadership starts from learning to lead ourselves first. We need continued humility for this, because it is lifelong learning projects rather than a week, month, year or even a decade.

Human brains are wired to save energy, so we have tendency to simplify and compress everything we learn. Personal leadership is acknowledging this limitation and working a bit over and around that limitation by questioning the limits according to our own desires and believed capabilities.

Developing Understanding


We have limits, but they are not where we think they are.

Our understanding of our own limits is an adjusting one, it changes as we experience and learn from our interactions with the world. Bigger life events can therefore feel eye opening, even smaller experiences can make us question our value choices.

Especially novel experiences have possibility to dramatically influence our life. Common and predictable just proves that we are on the right track, however when we gain experiences outside our comfort zones, the old impossible may become possible.

Experiences do not even have to be personal, even meeting someone who has experienced the thing can make it feel more real, within reach and therefore plant the seeds of doing something new.

It is this kind of interactions exactly what makes life interesting. The increased understanding and therefore also the healing effect of corrected reality.

Many of our problems begin with wrong understanding.

In Buddhist noble eightfold path the first step is the right understanding and developing that. We can develop that ourselves, but sharing our experiences as accurately as we can, can help others as well on the path.

Sure there may be limits, but the question is can those limits be overcome?

Break Your Imagined Limitations and Fly



We have physical limitations such as our physique, time and our health.

Then we have mental limitations such as lack of imagination and beliefs.

Physical limitations are hard to overcome, and that’s exactly the daring thing that the science, technology and medicine are attempting to do.

Then we have these mental limitations over which we have influence and control over, because in fact they are just constructs in our heads. Still changing these thoughts we believe to be true does not happen overnight. We need to learn to open our mind and question our beliefs, then we can begin to chip away these limiting beliefs and have more correct sense of the truth.

Once we learn to entertain possibilities, we can begin imagine better or even more wilder future. Instead of judging this, we should ask how this is possible?

 “The man who has no imagination has no wings.” –Muhammad Ali

How can we fly? Well with wings, or broomstick for example? I would prefer jet-pack which is in fact already very viable transportation option.