Full Ownership




The more of these two we have in our lives, the better our life starts to get. Especially if the ownership is paired with action to improve the thing. If the thing cannot be improved, then there is nothing much to worry about.

Today I made interesting association with the ownership. Taking ownership of the time: not complaining about the time, accepting and prioritizing based on that. It feels powerful. The idea once again comes from The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, where he explains the idea of Einstein time. Belief that we are the creators of our time and if we focus to that we will have more time in our hands.

As Seneca put it, we never have time for everything, yet we have time for the important things. This seems to be the golden rule in thinking about the time: what is important and what is not.

Ownership of the thoughts and the words that we let out transforms everything. It’s not irrelevant what we say or how we say it: because that does not only reinforce our own thinking but affects others as well.

Full ownership means having all the control we can have and it is the key in mastering the one time where we can affect things: present.

Story Telling is a Fun Way to Repeat


 Story telling makes all learning more meaningful, fun and memorable. Only in a leadership role, I’ve understood the significance of this skill in work, learning and well it could be applied to almost anything!

When I was coming home today, I noticed a school kid studying some plant picture apparently for a test of some kind. To me it seemed rather uninspiring way to study plants.

Why not take a classful of people to the nature, assign a plant to each of them and make them find out something about that plant. At the end of the lesson you’ve classful of stories about different plants. I bet even after that kind of story session you retain more useful knowledge over your lifetime than over memorizing plant names by their pictures.

We learn through repetition (or should I say we don’t forget). Story telling is a fun way to be repetitive so that we may learn. It’s a skill we all can improve through our lifetime and through it we grow and help others grow as well.