Simple Success


Succeeding in life is easy:

  1. Determine what is important, what does success mean?
  2. Figure out concrete actions
  3. Prioritize: decide in which order and when you perform these actions
  4. Learn and return to 1.

People get caught to a story loop, in which they are constantly convincing themselves why they cannot achieve this. Watch your self-talk, be mindful and accurate of your thinking and your words. Then keep returning to the first rule. What is the success for me, what is really important?

Groundwork also involves a lot of self-knowledge, your values and you goals. If you do not know yourself, you cannot start succeeding, how could you if you do not even know what you want and need.

In life results come from nothing. It depends on your creativity and ability to organize common successes how much you can get from nothing and in what time. We all have limited time and no-one really knows how much.

What can be done depends only on your capacity to draw things from the unknown, the creative world. World we know today has been made from nothing. We are the shapers, we create the change.

What kind of change you want to create?

My advice is to create reasons for succeeding in creating this vision rather than excuses to obscure it.

11 Questions to Reduce Hurry and Worry


When you start to teach people about something, it gives you yourself more pressure to be example as well. This is mostly positive thing, because then you start deepen your relationship with the things you are teaching. Often this deepening means that you are thinking what you are teaching learning at the same time from different perspectives.

What I learned this morning about feeling of hurry is this: hurry is just lack of preparation.

This means, if we feel hurry, we have failed to anticipate the stuff we are stressing about presently.

What helps here is to accept the present circumstances and prioritize and think what is truly important, and how important. It’s through prioritization only way that we can live through our commitments and learn to make commitments that are most relevant to us.

Uncertainty makes life difficult. Or life is suffering like the Buddha came to understand.

The ability to accept these and to have a set of thinking skills in the present help to handle almost anything that happens and still live a worthwhile life.

Do not be affected by hurry.

Here are some helpful questions to cope:

  1. Do I have any problems right now?
  2. What is the most important priority right now?
  3. Am I doing my best?
  4. Is there something I or we can do?
  5. What would be the first step forward?
  6. What’s the worst thing that can happen?
  7. What is positive about this situation?
  8. Is the worst thing that can happen?
  9. Is this the end of the world?
  10. What is the upside?
  11. How to benefit from this situation?

Have a great evening!


Quick Personal Life Audit: Does Your Values and Actions Match?


I’ve noticed there are a lot of people who talk, then there are few people who do.

As in life, this is of course overgeneralization, because there are no absolutes in this sense. Even those who do and have the habit of doing, fail to do so every once in a while. Nobody is perfect.

Sometimes for a person who likes to talk it would be good to be more, doer and vice versa. Certainly. We all should focus to our strengths, and even as these strengths have weaknesses, we shouldn’t obsess over them. Nobody is or can be perfect.

What we can be, is a little better. And how does that happen? Through picking some values that we think are important and then putting those values into action (also known as virtues).

Two questions to know if you are living up to your values:

  • Where are you spending your time?
  • Where are you spending your money?

These two meters tell pretty quickly the story what kind of person you are.  With the time usage you can get really deep and complicated, i.e. what are you doing and what are you getting done during the time? However, in here just the basic glance over the calendar is enough to give some picture. Through honesty you will discover the rest.

With money it’s easier, because numbers tell the tale rather truthfully.

What you value is where your time and money should be!


Building Meaningful Relationships


I picked up a few days ago interesting habit of guessing what people are. In fact this is a habit of guessing what people are or could be. It is infinitely entertaining at a public place. Outlook can tell many things, as well as mislead in a big time. This is merely a pastime practice which reminded me of something really important.

The way we are. I wish everyone could be as lucky as to be accepted as they are. We maybe on a journey somewhere, where we might end up, yet present is the only place we really are. Therefore accepting the present is a must.

Although outlooks are what they are, they might mislead or lead into something. What matters is how do other people make you feel.

Based on the experiences with other people, it is possible to start building meaningful relationships. I’ve gone to the lengths to build a list of energizing people in my life in order to recognize the relationships which I want to deepen. This is fairly effective method that has worked wonders. Revisiting the list regularly gives the sense if the same people are hanging at the top all the times, or is there a shift in priorities.

Acceptance is Gateway


This is the reality. Life with all the colors, suffering, coldness, warmth, creatures, people… This is the present, nobody knows about the future, yet we may learn about the past. The present is now, and the future flows to the present.

To be able to be, we must accept what is. With the acceptance we can take action that is based on truth or the reality. We are no longer taking action based on wishful thinking, but hard cold truths.


First step therefore is acceptance.

Admitting to oneself the reality and accepting that reality is still some of the hardest and most humbling experiences. We are fragile by our hearts, therefore our egos invent all kinds of stories to protect ourselves from our own weakness.

Accepting ourselves first and foremost is the gateway to whatever is the true feeling we desire.

Often we end up confusing the important things: we come up with excuses not to do something because of X, even though we could just do it.

Accept whatever is and make the determination to live fully despite of all the faults.

As the Ajahn Brahm tends to say “the crooked trees are the most beautiful ones.”