Breakthroughs in Your Daily Actions


“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; for it becomes your destiny.” – Upanishads

While there is connection between, thinking and talking, sometimes the connection between the talking and doing seems to be far away. In my mind the phrase “there are those who talk and those who do” lives strong. This despite the knowledge that while this may apply, it does not apply hundred percent, and that there are always exceptions to the exceptions.

Action is the only thing that does make thoughts and words visible and concrete. It is through work and action that great things get made.

Action then repeated often becomes a habit. With thinking combined, habit can improve drastically. You will of course improve a little by little over time which is nice. However, at times you are bound to reach also breakthroughs, at times you will reach a completely new level of doing and being.

Key with the actions and habits is that, you need to stick with them a particular amount of time for breakthroughs to happen.

Not only starting an action is the challenge, sticking with it until it becomes a habit and then keeping the small pressure to challenge yourself in order to gain small wins is the key. This is called character: something that becomes part of your identity. If you manage to do this you will reach breakthroughs in the ordinary things you’ve just kept long enough with.

Transforming the Energies and Identity to a More Mature Form


Wow what an interesting topic! I am so excited about life. Recently I’ve been attracted to things which have very positive energy. Although I cannot see energy, I think everyone can feel or sense the energy of others somehow.

I believe we are attracted to the people that somehow have the energy level that we either desire or otherwise are in harmony with.

My knowledge is based on just a few different books and personal experiences. However, the topic of personal energies and the idea that our identity is somehow connected to the energy that we are projecting outwards is tremendously exciting topic to me.

There is energy all around us. When we do something (=work), we certainly use energy. However, energy does not disappear it just changes a form. Energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed. In the same way what we choose to do, our decisions, our personality, our very identity creates and transforms energy.

What makes this part very difficult is that we cannot really measure these changes is energy, so therefore from scientific point of view we are on a very thin ice. We cannot measure the mind either.

We cannot measure ourselves.

Yet we can have tremendous impact on the visible world. We can measure our own doing thought. And if we keep track of our own results, perhaps we can track what is “good” and what is “bad” for us from personal identity stand point as well. Although the problem here is the timeframe: often what is good in the short run, is not the same as longer time frame.

We are all born with infantile energies, and we must work to transform this energies into a more mature form. This could be called spiritual or intellectual evolution. Often the process of transformation requires a guide, a wise man or woman. These are the passages of the ancients.

In the modern world we have less and less such passages in order to transform the energies, so we are increasingly left to our own devices, our means to transform our personal identities to work to a higher level.

For as long as we live, I believe we either must work within ourselves, or when we achieve the maturity, we must start guiding others. First steps would be to identify what would be truly mature and skillful level of operation. Then we should accept our present state and start sublimating the energy.

A good book, I recommend starting out, written especially from the masculine point of view is: King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine.

Today I began to read this book for a second time and picked out a few important ways to recognize the archetypes we are running in our minds and then to shape them into a more mature version. Here are some tools which you can use to transform your energies into a more mature:

  • Meditation
  • Psychotherapy
  • Active imagination

Full list is provided in the book for those further interested.

On the path of growth, perhaps most important abilities are the ability to read and think critically. In this way you will find better quality information for your personal transformation. So then you may transform your whole very being into a more mature, responsible adult, whose destiny is like that of all living beings. Yet our lives have a purpose and we may touch the lives of many before we perish!

Keep on sublimating!


Start Now


Where ever you are and where ever you want to go, start now.

There are really no excuses to procrastinate. The life you want, you can start living it right away.

Here are some examples:

  • You want to jog more? Go out and start do it!
  • You want to start a vlog? Start with whatever video cam or your mobile phone and do it!
  • You want to write? Start typing!
  • You want to accumulate wealth? Start saving from what you have, to look for opportunities with that that amount!

Too often the people who I talk with have barriers between their ideas and action. In reality, there are no excuses to start doing. In fact the most important thing you can do after an idea is to take action. Then keep doing that action on each day until it becomes a habit. Then keep that habit until it becomes your identity.

What is it you would like to do? Start now!

Small Steps Taken Daily  


Wishful thinking about big changes is easy, yet not very realistic fantasy. At the same time human mind tends to underestimate the change that is capable by doing small things every day.

List your most important priorities. Okay now go through the list, what are you doing today for:


Loved ones

Financial status

Purpose / career / dream..?

You need to know what is it you want to achieve, and then ask yourself what it is you can do for it today. Then simply start building the discipline to do it. Eventually that discipline becomes habit, your identity and your identity is the biggest leverage you can get. You’ll start doing things because you are the action, you are the verb, you are your own doing.

You are the master of your fate.

It’s not the achievement that matters, but the journey. It’s the sense of progress that brings lasting satisfaction, not the single achievement. Even when you happen to achieve the object of your desire, you do not last very long satisfied. At best it is about five seconds.

However, nothing expect yourself can take away the sense of progress and that you get from taking a step each day towards the grander horizons.

Only by trying out how far you can get, you’ll know how far you will get. You might surprise yourself, or the world might surprise you. However what won’t change is the satisfaction you’ll get from the journey and from each step.

Start valuing the small steps and the journey. Start walking now, because present is the only moment we really have control of.  Every day is like a new life, we can remember some of the lessons of yesterday and we do not know yet if we can make it until tomorrow. Place emphasis on the journey today and take the step!

Synthesis from Science of Money and Some Other Books


So I just finished Science of Money by Brian Tracy and I was thinking to write summary. However, just writing a summary isn’t right, because there are so many interesting things from other sources as well which I thought to throw in the mix.

Science of Money gets a big recommendation from me, if you are interested about money. On the measure of how much Kindle highlights I’ve made, this was a great book with a lots of learning as I exceeded the 10% with over five percentage points. The fact that I cannot even highlight and remember everything, is a very good sign that if you are interested, get the book.

Book starts by verbalizing what I have been thinking and experiencing a in my professional life: “Money remains one of the most thought – provoking , emotional , and polarizing subjects in the world.”

Whenever we start to talk about money with people we do not know well, it is a topic that does easily cause strong emotions and polarizes. Conversations can end or light up quickly.

What is money? Money is medium of exchange, the medium to exchange value. Things themselves do not have any value, only when there is someone to pay.

As Yuval Noah Harari put in Sapiens “money is the most universal and most efficient system of mutual trust ever devised.” Money is medium of exchange, and it’s based on trust and belief that you can exchange it tomorrow too.

More important than money, is however the value. And because we all exchange our services for something, we better be always looking to create more value. Because of this, Brian Tracy puts it well that everybody works on straight commission. To me this was a breakthrough thought that instantly connected with another thought from Daniel Pink’s book to Sell is Human: “selling is moving people”, therefore we are all in sales.  I think this thought by Brian Tracy is really interestingly combined with this thought and creates even greater thought:  we are all in sales with straight commission.

When we begin to internalize this, we start to think more about the value we create in the hours, days and weeks. Brian puts it well that wealthy people work for six days a week. They also keep on investing on themselves to keep on learning new valuable skills.

Earning ability, the skills is important. Even more important is the habit of saving money from what you earn, after that you can scale up.

Parkinson’s Law and How to Use It

More importantly Brian goes through most relevant laws that govern money and earning. They all important, yet in here I would like to focus on Parkinson’s law that says expenses rise to meet the income. Or “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.”

On contemplating this, I’ve successfully understood why Elon Musk for example divides his time into five minute chunks to get more done. Even bigger chunks such as 30 min or 45 minute will work. Setting a time limit for a task will make sure that it will get done.

Identity and limiting beliefs

Brian goes to length talk about limiting beliefs, self-doubt in particular that as he shares in one story, is the tool of the devil as the metaphor.

As a medicine for self-doubt he recommends the inverse paranoia (believing that world is conspiring to make you succeed) that was practiced for example by W . Clement Stone who was worth 800 million $ at the time he died.

Many of us live with kind of (socially programmed) level of self-worth in money and social as well. This is mostly unconscious, we inherit from our childhood and youth environment and strive for it. If we are below the level of our programmed level of living standard, we are willing to work harder. If we are above, we will find ways to spend and get rid of the money.

Changing your identity about money happens as with any habit: slowly and surely. As with getting anywhere, visualizing the success and using the imagination to be actually already there is the first step to achievement. This is the way for example soccer hero’s are born: young boys watching their childhood heroes on the field. Or for any pop star as well, it all starts with a dream – a visualization and then a long journey with many tiny steps towards that dream.

Money is not the end goal, as said, money is just a metric on how much value you are creating. However, be patient, learn, learn and learn. You will be surprised: this is a more probably road than winning a lottery.

“The most important principle of personal or business success is simply this; you become what you think about most of the time.” – Brian Tracy

Since all money just measures how much value is being created, the value creation is critical. All value is created from nothing. This makes life a wonderful adventure, because it means we there is no limit to the value we can create if we are imaginative.

If your work is profitable then it’s worth of your time and effort, a nature’s way of guiding us.


Work and Humility

“When you go to work, work. Put your head down and work.” – Brian Tracy

Brian gives about working and understanding that working is exchanging value and then value should be maximized. With the acknowledgement that we are all humans, I like this kind of thinking. When we work, the focus should be working and creating value for the customers. To create value for customers we need to be finding new ways to serve these people in customer organizations.

Then I might add a different point of view as well, that our focus as human beings is rather limited. There are no such things as 12 hour productive streaks. We need to stay focused and productive during our day, however in between there should be smart breaks, a bit of exercise, and why not some laughter as well.

Overall I really like the idea of recognizing when you should be focusing and working and when you should be having fun is a big difference and I like the humility here as an approach.

Cause and Effect

 “All wealth, all happiness, all prosperity, all success are the direct and indirect effects or results of specific causes or actions” – Brian Tracy

To conclude so much content, I would say that value creation, through work and imagination are the basis. One important thing is what is called secondary consequences. This thought really hit me, that I actually see think about this stuff! Most people think only about what happens next, primary consequence if you do this or that. However, there are also the secondary consequences which will happen eventually from other perspectives.

Whatever you want to achieve in life you can either achieve it by chance or doing something differently. Study the cause and effect, and think of the secondary consequences too.

Who You Are Makes Up Your Life: How You Are and What You Have


After thinking and pondering, I’ve changed my mind since I wrote the two leverages. Although time is leverage, it becomes relevant only after we know who we are, we know what we want and we think we have control over our lives.

The most important leverage in our life is identity and through identity we use time to our advantage.

I learned these three questions yesterday as I was reading Aki Hinta’s The Core – Better Life, Better Performance. The core is our identity. I realized that this book made the biology and positive psychology click together: being happy and wellbeing leads to success.

This connects very well what I’ve learned from Tom Rath from his books as well as Jim Loehr, Tony Schwartz from The Power of Full Engagement.


How You Are Depends on Who You Are

Our wellbeing and happiness is tightly connected to our identity.

Healthily diversified identity can process all kinds of setbacks, rejections and bounce back rather quickly. This is because a failure in one or two areas of life, is not the end of the world. One still gets support from other areas of life. More about this in Increase Your Liberties with Alternatives.

Being happy with who you are now, takes a lots of work! Mental work that is, to accept ourselves, reframe our failures as sources of learning experience. This is however, exactly what I would suggest you to do: to learn the habits to love yourself as you are, to enjoy what you have, be grateful and joyful about the life.

Focus on the good, and that will grow.


What You Have is Outcome of Who You Are

Your life up until now, is the sum of your actions, habits and beliefs. Outside influences have a role too, however it’s not a role we should be focusing on, because that we cannot control at all and at best just influence.

We should focus on what we can control. Essential in the WHO, is your identity. From identity comes your attitude, beliefs and action. These are completely under our control.

Aki Hintsa asks three questions:

  • Do you know who you are?
  • Do you know what you want?
  • Do you believe, you can control your life?

Answer to these questions.

When I did this exercise yesterday, I noticed that my identity part was the shakiest of these all, so I needed to remember again who I am. That’s why I went to research my strengths as well to remind myself who I am and then again, what I want to accomplish. Belief in that I can control is strong.

I noticed that my self-definition had become a bit blur in time. Actually even just a few weeks makes any definition obsolete, as human beings we are rather fluid. As example I’ve written this kind of description to my twitter which doesn’t anymore feel completely in sync with who I am: Marketing/Sales/Coach/Creative/Blogger.

Good about this description is the wide array of labels, that overlap many areas of my life. Wider and more general description serve my mental health very well. Previously in life, I’ve seen plenty enough of examples, where the identity is too narrow, and when that part is taken away from you this causes great anguish and collapse. From such experiences, I’ve decided to be keep my identity balanced and tied to many activities, rather than just focusing deeply in just few.

Therefore now I decided to clarify just for myself a few new more accurate labels. And since I am this far in the writing process I might share it with you as well:

Creative – Creativity and ideas have so many forms and it is my job to bring them alive in all areas of life.

Strategic – My major strength according to Strengthfinder 2.0. I hear strategic thinking cannot be taught. So therefore, I try to use this to benefit more people in my life.

Writer – Like I breathe, I want to write. It’s a form of habit and this habit is the savior of my life. In my priorities it’s right there with breathing and sleeping. Sometimes sleeping wins and it should, because in the long run sleeping is more important for the sake of the writing.

Coach – Coaching is teaching. Above all I love to think and learn in life. And what could be more fulfilling that to teach what I’ve learned to someone who actually needs and benefits of it?

Friend – With all the striving going on, I should remember to accept people as they are, where they are like they do accept me. Friendship is wonderful.


Once you’ve figured out the answers to the three questions, you have the leverage. Then there is the work.



Reflections of Identity and Responsibility


“When I let go of who I am, I become what I might be” – Lao Tzu

There are layers of being.  Our personal world views shape our experience of life drastically. We act upon beliefs that are distilled perceptions of reality and we rely and act upon them.

In collision or quiet contemplation we might notice not our beliefs are completely correct. Often times they are correct enough operate in this complex world.

Beliefs help us easily bypass some of our own faults. I noticed yesterday a so called habit I was running that was not so productive or responsible at all, and in the root cause was a belief.

Recently I’ve seen many themes of my thoughts to revolve around responsibility. There is chance to both observe and reflect this theme. There is much work to be done internally and externally.

Responsibility is a challenging theme, because it deals on with our limited resources: time and energy. True leaders are able to optimize these resources and get the important things done. At the core responsible behavior is DOING THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS.

Potential of Your Personality


 “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Anonymous

I like this quote, because it assumes that when we find our strengths and talents, we may thrive. Yet it does tend to forget that the ‘genius’ needs to be developed before that through hard work, so that aspect I do tend to dislike.

For our self-worth it has momentous impact to discover what we enjoy doing and has benefit for other people. This is what I would wish for everyone, to have chance at doing and discovering their strengths and talents.

I have experienced the discovery as a long process of trial and error, so I see it that way for others as well.

I’ve had trouble fitting in and finding the people and contexts that I may thrive in. Yet in comparison to my beliefs 15 years ago, now I do believe that there are such contexts for everyone, the potential to thrive and flourish.

The culture and people that surround us may not be the one, yet such places do exist and such should be pursued.

“Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?” ― Ian Wallace

Not everybody has the potential of the star, yet they may have the potential of the space.

Self-Concept as a Source of Personal Growth



Self-concept is the mental image one has of oneself, as defined by Merriam-Webster. I think this is very succinctly put: all our ideas, and beliefs about ourselves in particular area of life.

I.e. if we have poor self-concept in the idea of batting in baseball, we are unlikely become very good at it, at least before we work to challenge these beliefs.

Yesterday I was reading my notes from Brian Tracy’s book on sales, and there this idea of self-concept occurred: self-concept in each area of the sales, determines the performance and overall income level.


(Image by Nathalaya Cubas / Wikipedia)

The image above captures the elements that self-concept consists of. Self-concept is very much tied in time: the past, the present and future possibilities. Thus who I am, and what I am capable of are important questions we are taking in account each time we interact with the world.

We are in a sense creating our own reality through the beliefs we are equipped with. Therefore sudden changes, are not so lasting, unless the story for the change is such that we can buy. Our self-concept needs time to adapt as well.

In personal and professional growth it is beneficial to notice when the self-concept is limiting us from achieving higher levels of achievement. What I realized today is that the mindfulness to recognize what kind of beliefs and attitudes are under the hood so to speak is an infinite source of input for personal growth.

What Kind of Story Prevents You From Being You?


I’ve forgiven myself for most of my regrets that I’ve caused for myself up until this age of 29. Forgiving gives always chance to move forward.

Living life with no regrets is cliché, that is fine if it were possible. Yet sometimes we do make decisions that obviously are stupid retrospectively, yet we do them and judge ourselves.

In the past I’ve had quite a bunch of roadblock beliefs. I.e. I was just considering time around ten years ago, somewhere around the time I first heard about Trainers’ House Growth Academy. Yet I did not have the identity back then to follow it up, and other beliefs as well as actual laziness.

Yet in the end, as had cleared some of these identity hurdles I did decide to take the leap or should I say charge of faith and decide not to complain, instead focus to take the chances what I’ve. This led me to apply for the Trainers’ House Growth Academy seven years later and commute for about three hours in a day total.

The price to pay has been totally worth it and more. Not only I feel like I am square with my beliefs, I feel I’ve paid the price and it has made me so strong in the process. That does not happen just any day.

Pay close attention to what kind of stories you tell yourself about what you can or cannot do. Either way you say, you are right.

Do not settle for anything less than you feel you can do.