Quiet Contemplation on Decisions

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On occasion it’s good to have no structure and enjoy the chaotic connections and insights that arise. In order to prioritize we must determine and decide what is important. For that the time to reflect and weigh different options is necessary.

It seems I need to spend at least a day of a week in this kind of quiet and reflective in order to stay operational and to be able to function.

Life is rather easy if we think about it: we just need to prioritize spiritual, social and physical wellbeing and then when the time to do something comes, we are able.

Yet a life of growth is a bit different, because we are not facing the same challenges every day, instead we are facing progressively more difficult challenges.

Stress challenges our mind, body and spirit, and with rest all these grow stronger. Rest is much more than sleep: in physical terms it’s also everything that maintains our body. Our mind also needs healing: thinking practices, social bonding and emotional intimacy. Our spirit needs also nourishing: from social life and spiritual practices.

If we each day and week face increasingly more difficult challenges, how come we spend so little time to prepare for such?

I feel that we have plenty of time to prepare if we do it economically, each day a little bit. To do it economically only thing we really need to do is to keep doing the practices and reinforce the decisions we have made for example to exercise, meditate and socialize with friends and loved ones. Quiet contemplation lets us to appreciate and feel grateful for everything good we have in our lives and to work for those most important things even harder.

Why Easier Life?


”This or that would make my life easier and that would be nice…”

This kind of comments are not so rare. Yet I do not understand why people wish easier life. Life already tends to make itself easier, people are working at it every day. Human beings are lazy by nature, so our environment gets “easier” for sure.

Question is, should we desire easier life?

As Bruce Lee put it, we shouldn’t wish for an easy life, but the strength to live a difficult one.

Instead of wishing to play on easy mode, be grateful of what you have and then ask what it is you can develop today to get better at it.

Gratefulness for the Present


As I happened to finish the Obstacle is the Way and listen the discussion / “interview” at the end of audiobook with Ryan and Tim Ferris, Ryan was saying that Marcus Aurelius wrote the meditations to himself.

I might’ve borrowed that book over ten years ago from library. Too bad, that often at that time I rarely read any books, so even that I did not have the focus to read. In any case, this is inspirational thought for me, because most of my life I’ve written just for me. Later on with this blog, I’ve tried to serve some specific people as well as myself, however I guess in the end the final meditations that I do come up with these are primarily for myself.

If they add value to others, that’s great! That’s more than expected.

My recent breakthrough thought has been the gratefulness of the present moment.

This thought appears as feelings such as: I love my work, I love my colleagues, I’ve strong sense of purpose, my life has meaning, etc.

There are moments where these feelings and thoughts are tested through the days and weeks, however I feel like my general mood has been really upbeat and I like that.

It’s the people in my life who make this possible. Mostly the community at work which is the foundation for most of my wellbeing. Even though I probably would be alright without that and I know I would be, I wouldn’t have the sense of thriving so strong as I’ve now.

Present is all we have, so learning to be grateful for what we

Fruits of Growth


I feel like I’ve reached a new level of gratefulness in my life. The key has been to understand that the sense of reality is limited: my view or others point of view it does not matter, both are rather just slices of the reality at best.

Yet what I’ve learned is to appreciate the other peoples’ point of view: people do what they do because it makes sense to them. It does not help anything at all to judge or scrutinize their decisions.

All the good things in life come with and through other people. And everything starts with by how we are with other people.

When we are able to understand their world, and create value in there, we will get also a slice from there in time. The fruits of life come from other peoples’ growth.

Emotional Labor: Gratitude


Experience of our lives is influenced by the storms and tides of emotions, which we cannot control. We can control how do we respond to the emotions, and through the response and working through it we can influence our overall emotional life. Work is most effective when it is worked by emotional energy that has been correctly channeled into something productive, rather than destructive. Therefore, if you choose to take actor role, instead of a victim role, you’ll in a long run transform your emotional life.

Because we never graduate from responding to the emotions, I would call the set of behaviors to respond emotions emotional habits.

Seth Godin has this interesting concept of emotional labor, i.e. really working towards something through all the emotional barriers.

Emotions are a force which we can accept and use, or fight against and lose.

Therefore I thought it would be interesting to write an article or few about different uses of emotions and how they can be used.

Be Grateful of Your Past

Today in fact I was pondering about self-love and how that is a game changer. Gratitude of everything what I’ve done recently for myself i.e. I was calculating that in past year I’ve invested about 8 000€ for my personal and professional development coaching and training, not including the books. I began to think that just from the biggest single investment alone I’ve got a tool that has transformed my mindset about my personal finances and thanks to that tool I am month by month regaining and building my financial security for the rest of my life.

Be Grateful What World Gives You Now

Whatever the circumstance, there are some things that are just so right. Something you’ve been doing just right for a long time and it bears fruit. Seek the right things that are happening right now.

“Want what you already have.” – Tom Rath, Are You Fully Charged?

Wanting what you already have is inversely channeling wants and desires to gratitude, something I’ve thought of before. This thought was in capital letters in my book notes, however, it takes repetition for these things to sink in, and therefore I am grateful for taking such good notes as well.

Finally a black belt move: Turn the feeling of gratefulness into virtue, action to pay back the debt of gratefulness for others. By itself gratefulness is not a virtue, when harnessed as action to pay back or pay forward it will become one.