Unleash the God Within


The dilemma with ‘us’ is our egoes that get into the way.

With ego involvement we can be excellent, without ego involvement we can be godlike geniuses.

Judgement does not further our cause.

Our we have tiny fraction of universes uniqueness inside us, and to live that true would be the purpose of life. Now, I would like to give advice i.e. to actualize that requires skillful action without an attachment to the results or trappings of identity.

Or perhaps that you could practice this or that meditation.

However, life is not that simple: each of our life is a puzzle, a game of a different kind to unlock our godlike nature. Therefore what works for one, may not work for another.

Buddha was careful with the words. Words or thoughts can guide or misguide us.

I realized, that my mission on is not to tell what I know, or communicate what I have learned. My mission is to wake up people to think for themselves. With this autonomy people can start solving their own puzzles of life and unleash the god within for themselves.

Reflection About Dharma


 Reflecting last week and the spiritual wisdom I’ve learned, applied and continue to apply with extra effort.

I’ve spent most of the Saturday in quiet meditation. I’ve observed my thoughts the life and quietly reflected upon what is. Mostly I’ve been happy about the present, somehow I’ve accepted the idea that the present is the best time to be and in fact everything that is in the present is all I need, it’s all I need now and all I need to grow.

Present moment, my surroundings the people I am with tell me where I am doing good and what I need to do if I were to look close enough.

Also I began to ponder upon some thoughts that I had pushed aside during the week and of course these thoughts get back, because that which doesn’t get enough attention will always come back more strongly.

One such thought was about voices in the head. I learned on Wednesday that in fact voices in the head are not that common. Depending on the source maybe about fifth of the population have voices in their heads. Stereotypically this would be quickly associated with mental illnesses and judged, however with closer observation most of the voices are not that harmful.

In fact what surprised me that I haven’t thought of this and I do hear voices. Past ten years I’ve had dialogue and I think this as mostly as a gift. Quick research online on few different websites seems to confirm that this is can be indeed the case as well. It’s funny thing that I haven’t considered this topic before, it was pure coincidence that I learned about it now!

Lesson: What I experience everyday differs from what you experience every day and that same applies to all other people too. There are similarities and perhaps even exact sameness with some odds, although the odds are tiny.

Being what we are to the fullest is our gift to the world and universe. This idea is expressed in Bhagavad Gita as “it is better to strive in one’s own dharma than to succeed in the dharma of another.”

I heard today similar idea contemplating upon the same topic while listening the Eat, Pray, Love  “God dwells inside you, as you.

These lines primed me into quietly reflecting my life and what is my dharma and how to strive to it? As I learned last week about the voices, there are many similar tiny things that make each of us rather unique expression in the universe.

When I am present, I understand the importance of striving towards my own dharma. Sometimes I see the work and yet because it feels too great I get distracted just like as a kid I used to when needed to get the homework done. We all have our personal dharma to strive towards to, and life is the personalized obstacle suitable for each one of us.

Thought to contemplate: what is the skillful response here?

Striving means trying. When we try we do not always succeed, we always can learn and go towards the right direction thought if we so desire. This is positive desire, to learn from failures and setbacks and go towards the right direction: next time I ought to try harder.

Change too profound to be mourned

lost-474124_1920The stormy weather with wind and rain I faced,

Rather than against inner resistance braced.

Calm can be found in the storm,

Especially when feelings seem to be torn,

Clarity through walking meditation is born,

And pledging to focus is sworn.


Yesterday I thought and wrote a lot about unconscious, it was truly inspirational and quite a breakthrough for my thinking. Unconscious represents our potential and the understanding I gained yesterday meant that the potential of the unconscious is far greater than I had anticipated.

Yet during the same day as I continued to study the topic, I stumbled upon a video How to make Yourself a Better Person by Alan Watts which on a deep level challenged and shocked me.

These thoughts about vicious circle felt true. Later on that day I watched the video again and this morning again. Finally I reached a satisfactory understanding and allowed to me to proceed with this writing. Watts makes a clear point in that video that we should not get on the way of ourselves or others by helping, because we are only in the way. Instead what he suggests is to start observing. Even observing does change the world we are living in, yet it gives at least ourselves a chance.

In my earlier thoughts I’ve overvalued thinking and rationality. Now I’ve come to appreciate the potential of the unknown, unseen and the unconscious. I realize that none of these can be reached by rational thought, and even observing is changing the results. By striving to just be observers we let ourselves a chance to be what is required of us, without constantly trying to help (destroy) what is sprouting.