Unleash the God Within


The dilemma with ‘us’ is our egoes that get into the way.

With ego involvement we can be excellent, without ego involvement we can be godlike geniuses.

Judgement does not further our cause.

Our we have tiny fraction of universes uniqueness inside us, and to live that true would be the purpose of life. Now, I would like to give advice i.e. to actualize that requires skillful action without an attachment to the results or trappings of identity.

Or perhaps that you could practice this or that meditation.

However, life is not that simple: each of our life is a puzzle, a game of a different kind to unlock our godlike nature. Therefore what works for one, may not work for another.

Buddha was careful with the words. Words or thoughts can guide or misguide us.

I realized, that my mission on is not to tell what I know, or communicate what I have learned. My mission is to wake up people to think for themselves. With this autonomy people can start solving their own puzzles of life and unleash the god within for themselves.

Random Thoughts: Humility and Potential Paradox  



I need to remind myself to stay humble. The work I do is yet fairly insignificant what it could be.

Do you see your potential? Even as a collective human species we barely manage to make a dent in the universe. Space is vast and unknown.

This morning, I was listening a podcast where the theme was The Big Leap Book by Gay Hendricks. There are four levels of achievement: the zone of incompetence, zone of competence, zone of excellence and zone of genius. Where would you put yourself?

I mean that is pretty eye opening, because we often settle for competence or even excellence, where the genius would be where we would thrive. Surrendering to the genius is a wonderful idea, yet our egos are terrified by that very same idea.

Humility and the potential, what a paradox.

What Strengths Matter?



Few who walk the earth, are recognized as genius during their lifetime. Genius is when the thinking and doing are matched and probably some results produced which then can be observed.

Based on our historical track record, only few during generation will reach such levels. We have to settle for something less, perhaps just being really good at something and even in that we can fail.

 “Mediocre is merely a failed attempt to be really good.” – Seth Godin, Linchpin

Although we may not be geniuses, or we may not have flashy strength, we still may have set of skills and strengths that when combined into something do manage to bring us to the really good level. Where you can be really good, not just mediocre?

Combining some really good skills can produce the genius as well.

Book Review: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks


The Big Leap is a book of action and calls for decisions about becoming genius that you are capable of. Gay Hendricks knows through his personal and professional experience, that even people who are already successful in many aspects of life, have limiting beliefs and behaviors that prevent them from feeling and enjoying all the positive experiences they could.

I was looking for a book about excellence and I got recommended book about genius. I enjoyed this book tremendously and started to apply the lessons right away.

Here are some concepts that I am working on now based on this book:

  • Awareness about upper limit problems. Reflecting, journaling and finally dissolving them.
  • Creating more capacity for positive feelings and experiences by focusing to enjoy more to them.
  • Quitting limiting believes and behaviors.
  • Becoming the master of my own time; I understand now that I am my only source of time.

Right after finishing the book, I revisited my notes and highlights and I am convinced that this book will become a book of study: 5/5 stars.

From personal to collective legacy

superman-1367737_1920What is left of us after death? From what I gather from my today’s museum visit if we are lucky our skull and a few other bones.

It is probably due to this exact thing that we as a humans want to leave something more lasting behind us, a legacy or even just a small mark to the world that say ‘I were here’.

As more and more people kept writing ‘I were here’ it wasn’t enough anymore to get the attention and we had to start competing for each other’s attention with more creative products like arts, science and spirituality.

We want attention and acceptance of our contemporaries so bad and at least as badly we want also those who come after us to remember us. So now we are competing from attention with all the gadgets of future just to get known.

Human mind is limited for our social needs of attention. Our memory does not serve us great capacity to remember names or people from the past, even relatively close people like our great grandparents. We barely have ever heard their names even. Another thing is the so called Dunbar’s numbers limit which limits our capacity to work with other people.

Thankfully internet is doing great job though in the memory department. It serves our needs for preserving our digital part of self at least very well. Soon we will have vast amounts of data in our hands of the people of the past, not only data from other people, but data also from the people themselves.

Digital services also need to think how they are gonna respond to this need for the legacy. At least Facebook has the ‘In memory of’ the person feature which I too have regrettably come familiar with as my cousin passed away two years ago.

Despite death being grim, I think we’ve also better chance than ever to not only build our own legacy, but the legacy of mankind online. We can be part of the bigger story through our online contribution and it will be easily accessible for generations to come. Is there anything more important and inspiring than to link our personal need for legacy for the great story of the humankind?

Try creating something and share it with ever growing audience of people.

Framework for Effort, Productivity and Results

Framework by Astris1

Today morning as I commuted to work and continued to read Linchpin book by Seth Godin, I’ve been reading a few days now – I hit a breakthrough. You know, its’ useless to read anything unless you apply what you’ve learned right away – this important lesson I’ve learned from Max Henttu at Trainers’ House.

Thanks to the lesson by Max, I’ve formed the habit always to apply and test what I learn immediately. I’ve applied this principle successfully. However, as I’ve done it many of the things I’ve tried have not brought the results I’ve hoped or they’ve not really sunk in my head as in where does it all fit in the big picture. There is quite a lot of stuff I draw the inspiration from, not only books but also podcasts, Youtube lectures, live coaching, webinars. My seeking of this knowledge has three main purposes, first it is to understand the topic better, second to study these people who teach and apply these kinds of thinking habits to my own and final third reason is to find something to apply to my life right away.

So it’s not only books I read. Main reason why I wanted to explain this was because, since I seek knowledge very actively, and since I claim also to apply it, is that there should be quite a lots of high quality ideas being applied. In fact there is that much that I should try to calculate the amount of ‘new’ ideas being applied on a day and week level. However with this primer I want to simply to say that there are rarely any ideas so profound for me, that actually stand the test of the day as well as today’s set of ideas did and that makes me very excited.

I do recognize that one day isn’t much in the big scheme of things. However, its not just about one day really. Because today’s applied ideas were indeed quite connected to what I’ve been learning and studying earlier and it’s a quite good fit so to speak. Especially the human potential part is great, the message to all of us. It seems to fit my current understanding of human brain, thinking and psychology. And as I applied this thinking it worked. For the first time in a while, I managed to not only achieve my goals, but to exceed them.

To open up this statement a bit: I’ve been struggling with someone might call a motivational problem. On certain things I’ve stuck on the comfort zone and that’s not a place for growth. So how do you lead yourself out of the comfort zone to do those really hard things, which of course I can do, but do I want to take the risk? That’s exactly the questions I haven’t had answer. Of course at some point I’ll be forced to, or there’ll be some changes which force me to jump some hoops, however its’ not either something which I would like to wait for.

So what to do, what I can do?  Of course I don’t have THE answer yet. However I want share what I did today and it is very much thanks to Seth Godin and the Linchpin book (which by the way has already introduced couple other really interesting books, which I’ll probably pursue next in my reading).

First lesson from Seth that I learned and decided to apply was that there is indeed inner genius inside me. I think his writing style is great in a way that it tends subtly to repeat things, so as our subconscious tends to reject new things at the first time, so there is still chance to catch the thing on second or third try. That’s exactly what happened to me today as I realized that what if there is genius in me, and what if I chose to feed the genius, instead of the resistance. Resistance is what Seth Godin describes in the book as the lizard brain. And the genius is the prefrontal cortex. So the main idea I picked up from today is understanding that there is indeed two me’s one is the lizard another is the genius and it is up to me to choose what kind of behavior will I feed.

Actual “feeding metaphor” comes from totally different contexts. I cannot remember which, but at least there was the awesome American-Indian saying about those two wolves at some point.

Seth Godin’s tips didn’t end there for me today thought. It was not only about that realization, but also about what to actually look out for. What direction is the lizard and how to recognize it? That was really the key. And yet one more thing was to notice, was to choose to feed the genius and walk away from the lizard.

I can admit, through my 8 hour work day, in the afternoon I had a week moment, however most of the I managed to stay focused and the results surprised even myself. Biggest thing I learned from this was self-belief: I’ve genius inside myself, so have you. This positive self-belief was then reinforced. Overall I am very fragile about that, and I don’t see why it wouldn’t appear so to anyone of us. I guess we all have our weak moments, unless we train out of them. It’s sometimes amazing how much capacity we’ve bottled up inside of us, that’s the genius and we all have it, we just gotta learn to feed it, make it stronger.