Embrace the Odd


You are a bit weird aren’t you? We all are rather weird, especially when we start to look closely.

In fact it is exactly because of our differences and diversity that makes life fun and worth living. This I wonderfully odd I am and still getting somehow along.

It’s surprising that a common language and a task can bring so many people together. This is what fascinates me about company cultures. Originally I started doing my thesis about company cultures, then later on I become so absorbed my current company that of course I cannot see the company culture anymore, because I am living it so strongly.

Culture is an unseen, strong force. A collective unwritten agreement on how people will act under pressure. What will the stress response be, that is the test of the culture.

Another interesting test is how does the culture handle the new and odd. Does it manage to embrace the change or resist it?  I work in a change management consultancy, so the people who are attracted there are very open minded and open to change as well. The differences and diversity sparks the creativity in my opinion. And it’s just not my own opinion as well, because most creative cities in the world across the times have been tolerant of the diversity.

It’s not just the diversity in others, it’s in ourselves as well that we have to be learn to embrace.

Oddity in ourselves is the thing we need to be proud of, because it is through that from where we can bring most value to other people.

Creative use of the past

Past is past, nothing can change that. But we can use that to change our present. Most significantly I would point out the power of creative force, through which we can express even painful memories and experiences and then through the act of creation redefine them.

Using the past and even present this way, then all the experiences become unlimited source for creation, rather than suffering.

We can also learn a lot from the past. For these few days I’ve been struggling quite a bit with the long distance relationship and I’ve been losing my focus. So therefore, I decide to revisit some of my old journals to find some better coping strategies. And from the last year, around the same time we were last time separated for a longer while, I did find something helpful: poems. The actual poems from last year already made my heart warmup, however also the brilliant thought that I should use now this opportunity as well to create some new ones, the pain of the separation is the best creative source after all.

Of course past journals contain a lot of unforgotten wisdom as well. Our mind has tendency to forget that which we do not not use, which means most of it. This way the journals also become a sort of filtering system for useful information. The more often some thoguhts are mentioned in a journal, the more likely it is that the thought has been useful.

Do not be defined by your past, but use the past experiences to define your present in a way that serves you better.