Mental Preparation: How Everything Can Go as Planned


I remember reading a few years back War and Peace, there was a scene, where the battle didn’t go probably go as anticipated. Yet the Russian army officer in charge looked at the result and said “everything gone as planned.”

Life is full of uncertainty. Ability to build the mental preparation and flexibility to be ready for whatever happens and think of everything that happens going as planned is a quality which I admire and strive to.

One of my favorite phrases in the recent times is that the hurry is just lack of preparation. We need to be preparing the right things at all times. What kind of preparation this is then that allows us to have the peace of mind under pressure?

In Buddhist terms this could be called “right action” and “right knowledge.” Right knowledge, knowing that you’ve thought of all the possible scenarios, sought help and a different perspective and right action because you know you’ve done everything in power to prevent this outcome. You have done everything, so therefore everything is as it should be.

In the game of Go, the side that has more liberties usually ends up winning. Same in life, where liberties mean more plans. More freedom to execute these plans and choose the best from all the possible options.

Mental preparation is anticipation for future scenarios. Do not attach too much to a plan or a result. Let your mind seek more opportunities with less attachment. Be mindful and present. Only thing we can really lose is the present. The future nor the past cannot be taken away from us, only present can.

Everything you need is in the moment, you do not need more. Let everything that appears in your present to be part of your plan and everything goes to your plan 😉

The More Fluid and Flexible Identity You’ve, The Better Off You are


Identity is a topic regularly comes to my mind as an interesting thing to ponder and read about.

Particularly when it becomes to the identity of a person and when it is mixed with idea such as title or description. Every time people are asked to characterize themselves, identity becomes a very interesting thing.

When we start to describe ourselves, we are attempting to capture something really fluid which is the human life: a story between life and death, where nothing remains constant for very long time at least from evolutionary standpoint. And that a tiny window of that we are attempting to describe in the words.

First and foremost I find it fascinating, because the attempt to describe one-self reveals much information for example about past and current internal dialogue and worldview.

Mostly because our identity is as fluid as water, so it would be impossible to perfectly describe ourselves with just words so quickly. Yet some people have the ability quickly to use descriptions, stereotypes and categories to describe the rough outlines of their identity.

Identity is a tricky, because we are able to change if we believe we are. On the other hand if we do not believe in that, our thinking remains quite fixed and our minds closed. In itself identity is a self-fulfilling prophecy. However, sometimes life event can cause us to seriously reconsider our beliefs and there again change has potential to happen: our identities may open up or close down.

My bottom line is that the more fluid and flexible your identity is the better you are able to cope with the contradictions in life and thus also adapt to the inevitable external changes.