Simple Success


Succeeding in life is easy:

  1. Determine what is important, what does success mean?
  2. Figure out concrete actions
  3. Prioritize: decide in which order and when you perform these actions
  4. Learn and return to 1.

People get caught to a story loop, in which they are constantly convincing themselves why they cannot achieve this. Watch your self-talk, be mindful and accurate of your thinking and your words. Then keep returning to the first rule. What is the success for me, what is really important?

Groundwork also involves a lot of self-knowledge, your values and you goals. If you do not know yourself, you cannot start succeeding, how could you if you do not even know what you want and need.

In life results come from nothing. It depends on your creativity and ability to organize common successes how much you can get from nothing and in what time. We all have limited time and no-one really knows how much.

What can be done depends only on your capacity to draw things from the unknown, the creative world. World we know today has been made from nothing. We are the shapers, we create the change.

What kind of change you want to create?

My advice is to create reasons for succeeding in creating this vision rather than excuses to obscure it.

May You Have All You Are Looking For

Trip day yay! What makes travel so special to me is that it’s travel as much inward as outward.

This time I am traveling with friends so there are more needs to be taken into account.

What is exciting is that for many reasons I am also traveling rather light. I left my laptop to home deciding that I should be able to write well enough on my phone.

It’s also a thinking and editing exercise as much as it is requiring myself the same amount of output with less means.

I finished my packing just on time for the metro. Thus lean is very much alive in my life.

Travelling is a growth experience. As an experience it shouldn’t be necessarily as comfortable as it is fulfilling. Fulfillment comes through understanding the needs of others fulfilling them so in turn the world will find a way to fulfill your needs.

So you don’t have to prepare as much as you think. Just prepare to fulfill the needs of others.

Use the Moment to Your Advantage


There are days, when even though we wake up, our minds remain half as sleep.

It’s during these days as well, we might not be at our best, yet our schedule does not really make it easy on us.

Today I had one of those days: bell rang in the middle of the deepest sleep and even though I used every line of wisdom of waking up early, my brain resisted big time. Well it didn’t take long for me to actually wake up too.

During the day I noticed that although I had gotten up my mind really hadn’t. My thought lagged.

However, after I had got myself up and running I didn’t let this become an excuse for me for not doing things. I understand full well that the only right time to do things is right now.

With thoughts like these, I did clear a bunch of work and hurdles right from the bat and continue to do so even now during the evening. What helped me to clear the hurdles in the day was to use my lagging brain to my advantage: I would get into the action before my mind would come up with the usual excuses, by the time my lagging brain had time to come up with excuses for not doing, I was already well over half done.

So taking advantage of the situation is a key. Every moment has their advantages despite seeming disadvantages.

Later the day I’ve struggled to actually get things which require more intense focus done, so now I changed the tactics: now I battle against clock.

Mastery is Overemphasized


In failure averse cultures, the experts and masters alike are revered for their ability.

Masters perform and deliver results at levels which seem unfathomable to most of us. It is because of the paths not taken: we cannot master everything in a one lifetime even to the best of our natural abilities.

We can master some habits and skills in life. To do that we require the daily actions, which is the process. Mastery is merely an accumulation of those tiny daily actions we take and choices that we make.

In essence the question of mastery is simple, what is something so interesting you would like to do and practice every day? What are you willing learn to love and stick with even when it’s not so difficult? What are you willing to keep doing even when you grow old and tired? What are you willing to master?

It’s easy not to start. Excuses are our internal objections. Everyone has excuses, however what differentiates the people of action and success is how to deal with the excuses.

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”  ― Jordan Belfort

Recognize the excuses when they are at their weakest and deal with them right away.

Determine what is it you exactly want to do, figure out the daily action for that and learn to love the process. It is the process that matters, not the accumulation of it.

Dealing with Excuses


Having started to adjust to the local time and climate after the flight here in Ho Chi Minh. Somewhat jet-lagged in midst of another culture, I take this as a wonderful chance to make the room for many new experiences and activities while keep just those most critical ones to me: i.e. writing & reading.

In theory it is very easy to do this just by forgetting everything that I cannot control, and focusing the present moment and then making time or do the writing and reading.

So far so good, excuses didn’t hold me in the bed after napping for the afternoon and I got down to writing.

I’ve recently become acutely aware, that most of the action is prevented because of my internal dialogue, stores and excuses. To counter this, thankfully there are some living examples that the excuses hold us back, such as Wung Deshun who exemplifies the ikigai, living purposefully spirit very well.

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.” ― Jordan Belfort

By living courageously and consciously we can grow each day, each moment and thus develop ourselves towards the excellence of being that we still have possibility to become.

We’ll never reach perfection, so excellence will have to suffice.

Excellence is about doing your best, with what you have. It’s internal standard, internal sense of control about things. It’s about doing your best with things you can control and not worrying about things which are not in your control.

Stephen Covey, who introduced us to the circle of influence and circle of control in his book The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People are useful tools here.

What things you can decide about? What are fully in your own control?

It’s all about focusing to that which you can do, which is in your control and the decision to do it. Build yourself identity of delivering to your decisions.

You can proactively help yourself to stick with your decisions by choosing the environment to support yourself as much as possible. Take cover of the basic necessities well ahead of time. Build strong social network and financial buffer to be able to sleep your nights well, knowing that you will be alright no matter what happens.

And/or alternatively just learn to live with so less that you are certain that no matter what happens you will be alright.

Excuses are at their weakest when they are just born in the form of story to your mind, be mindful about this and kindly remind yourself of the crawl towards your goals: even a little bit adds up to something. Zeroes do not add up to anything, work to get any results for today and then rest.

Small Challenge Each Day Keeps Makes Us Young



“It takes a long time to become young.” – Pablo Picasso

I learned about this phrase a few days ago, and it resonates within me as a wonderful metaphor. It is somehow the quality of the body to age, however, the qualities of the mind allow us to become more playful and curious as we were as a child.

After a quick online research most of the people seem to agree that Pablo meant, that it takes a long time for the artist to achieve the childlike creativity, imagination and expression. If it’s on the internet it must be right.

To achieve such state of mind however, is not a coincidence. For children to be children is natural, for adults to grow young takes conscious effort.

Many people are afraid of the conscious effort and come up with excuses, such as “tiredness” or “busyness”. Yet the same people tend to complain about their life, work etc.

There is a deeper why in our lives. And that why is screaming for expression.

Small efforts, small challenges each day let us to express that deeper why and lets us grow young again.