Embrace the Odd


You are a bit weird aren’t you? We all are rather weird, especially when we start to look closely.

In fact it is exactly because of our differences and diversity that makes life fun and worth living. This I wonderfully odd I am and still getting somehow along.

It’s surprising that a common language and a task can bring so many people together. This is what fascinates me about company cultures. Originally I started doing my thesis about company cultures, then later on I become so absorbed my current company that of course I cannot see the company culture anymore, because I am living it so strongly.

Culture is an unseen, strong force. A collective unwritten agreement on how people will act under pressure. What will the stress response be, that is the test of the culture.

Another interesting test is how does the culture handle the new and odd. Does it manage to embrace the change or resist it?  I work in a change management consultancy, so the people who are attracted there are very open minded and open to change as well. The differences and diversity sparks the creativity in my opinion. And it’s just not my own opinion as well, because most creative cities in the world across the times have been tolerant of the diversity.

It’s not just the diversity in others, it’s in ourselves as well that we have to be learn to embrace.

Oddity in ourselves is the thing we need to be proud of, because it is through that from where we can bring most value to other people.

Embrace the Snow



When we start to see whatever we have a strength, we truly start to thrive.

It is easy to desire the things, such as easy life or whatever feature X. This kind of thinking is wishful, and conditional on outside factors. Even when these things would become reality, our minds are not satisfied. The pendulum keeps swimming between boredom and suffering.

Accepting the present state of things is difficult. Even more difficult it would be to embrace it.

How to get to that acceptance? I wish I knew all the answers, many steps involve forgiveness, acceptance and taking responsibility. It’s a process which we must go through.

Today in the news I read about Helsinki-Vantaa airport embracing the snow-how all year around. It was a weird headline and as I glimpsed the article, I thought finally someone is taking the perceived annoyances (snow) as strength and a selling point.

Later I realize it was probably an April’s fools’ news, however even after it didn’t stop me thinking: how wonderful it would be to embrace the natural state of things. Once we are able to accept that which is most of the time, we are very well off.

Embracing the learning & enlightenment opportunities world has to offer

monitor-1054710_1920When you spend enough time in your present loving, opportunities embracing bubble, you sometimes forget that other people need a bit more time to catch up with the thoughts and ideas.

This happened to me last Sunday when meeting relatives, I hadn’t seen in a while. Their habits and thinking models were roughly repeating the same patterns. That’s fine, especially if the habits are serving well.

One thing where I do not think our old habits serve us very well, is the exponential thinking. Rate of change is growing rapidly as you probably have heard, yet many of us do the same things that the society or other masses are repeating, because that’s what they’ve been doing for a long time. It’s the hum of tradition and linear thinking.

Peter Diamantis illustrates on Youtube very well what kind of difference is exactly between exponential and linear thinking. Needless to say it’s a game changer.

What does this mean to our lives then? We seriously need do things differently, especially tune off from the conventional way of thinking and doing things like long and painful HR processes or limiting education to the knowledge absorbing.

Video is revolutionizing human interactions altogether. Thanks to internet it’s highly efficient and networked form of communication, that allows people to connect without connecting. It’s the way best way to duplicate yourself without ever meeting.

Video is changing everything. Learning and knowledge sharing is gonna be our primary pastime soon enough. Meanwhile, it’s good to leverage and embrace the format that is already allowing us to learn about so many things, in the most efficient way so far conceived.