First Priorities Should Come as First Action


Your actions reflect your true priorities.

If you sleep a long time, nap a few times and then rush to work, then your most important priority comes from working for others in exchange of your time.

If you were working for yourself, you would do your own creative work first and then work for others.

Same goes with the money that comes to you and you spend. If you start spending to the fun things first, then your serious savings and investments will not grow. People with rich mindset pay themselves first, always.

What do you consider to be most important priorities? Do they really happen?

I realized that in my life they do not. Certainly on many mornings I do jog and exercise, even read and listen some books during my commute. Yet for writing I haven’t had the time.

And the haven’t had the time is just an excuse, I haven’t made the time. And why I haven’t made the time? I had an argument that “I cannot write in the morning because my mind doesn’t have any ideas to work on in the morning” – yet this is so weak argument. I’ve a lots of ideas, it’s merely about effort to dig those up or about preparation to make sure in the previous evening to sure have everything at hand for writing.

Try listening to yourself and write those arguments down. Often the things that keep us from doing things are rather silly.

First priorities should be done first.

Reflection About Dharma


 Reflecting last week and the spiritual wisdom I’ve learned, applied and continue to apply with extra effort.

I’ve spent most of the Saturday in quiet meditation. I’ve observed my thoughts the life and quietly reflected upon what is. Mostly I’ve been happy about the present, somehow I’ve accepted the idea that the present is the best time to be and in fact everything that is in the present is all I need, it’s all I need now and all I need to grow.

Present moment, my surroundings the people I am with tell me where I am doing good and what I need to do if I were to look close enough.

Also I began to ponder upon some thoughts that I had pushed aside during the week and of course these thoughts get back, because that which doesn’t get enough attention will always come back more strongly.

One such thought was about voices in the head. I learned on Wednesday that in fact voices in the head are not that common. Depending on the source maybe about fifth of the population have voices in their heads. Stereotypically this would be quickly associated with mental illnesses and judged, however with closer observation most of the voices are not that harmful.

In fact what surprised me that I haven’t thought of this and I do hear voices. Past ten years I’ve had dialogue and I think this as mostly as a gift. Quick research online on few different websites seems to confirm that this is can be indeed the case as well. It’s funny thing that I haven’t considered this topic before, it was pure coincidence that I learned about it now!

Lesson: What I experience everyday differs from what you experience every day and that same applies to all other people too. There are similarities and perhaps even exact sameness with some odds, although the odds are tiny.

Being what we are to the fullest is our gift to the world and universe. This idea is expressed in Bhagavad Gita as “it is better to strive in one’s own dharma than to succeed in the dharma of another.”

I heard today similar idea contemplating upon the same topic while listening the Eat, Pray, Love  “God dwells inside you, as you.

These lines primed me into quietly reflecting my life and what is my dharma and how to strive to it? As I learned last week about the voices, there are many similar tiny things that make each of us rather unique expression in the universe.

When I am present, I understand the importance of striving towards my own dharma. Sometimes I see the work and yet because it feels too great I get distracted just like as a kid I used to when needed to get the homework done. We all have our personal dharma to strive towards to, and life is the personalized obstacle suitable for each one of us.

Thought to contemplate: what is the skillful response here?

Striving means trying. When we try we do not always succeed, we always can learn and go towards the right direction thought if we so desire. This is positive desire, to learn from failures and setbacks and go towards the right direction: next time I ought to try harder.

A Bit More


What if everyone tried a bit more, what would follow? Just a bit more at the most important task, how much further would it take you?

A bit times thousand is a lot of effort and trying.

A bit more is not possible in everything, but try not to think it that why. Just try a bit more at something.

Complaining does not help to solve problems or further the cause. How about you instead try to be a bit more accepting instead of complaining?

What would you like to be bit more? Start doing today.

Your Goals are Team Effort


All great individuals have teams behind them. In fact when it comes to this, there are no great individuals at all, they are all part of the team.

To me this has taken almost three decades to realize and see, and to start grasping the true meaning of a team.

In western culture the individual seems to get attention in media for example and this creates false sense of what really made this possible. However, there are good examples too: credits of the movies for example or the acknowledgements in books, these both are eye opening to the number of people involved and gives slight hint of how much work and thought is behind a complete product.

In scientific research these are the references. We all are standing on the shoulders of the giants.

Whatever worthwhile you want to achieve, i.e. your purpose, your goals etc. You need a team. Whatever worthwhile you achieve is because of the team.

Be grateful.

Have a great day!


Set Exciting and Empowering Goals


Did you know it takes just about the same effort to be mediocre and awesome? Well I hadn’t thought about it that much, until now I realized this through listening Success Through Positive Mental Attitude by Napoleon Hill.

Let’s say remaining mediocre means you can remain in your comfort zone and does not require much mental effort. In real effort through, which does feel better: accomplishing mediocre goals or accomplishing awesome goals?

Set goals that empower and make you feel excited about life. Do not think in terms of what you can or cannot, instead set the goal first and let the excitement fill you. Good goals should energize you each day.

Keep the goal in mind and start thinking how you could do it. Your subconscious starts to work on that. Keep the goal visible, so that you can each morning ask yourself how I can do it, what can I do for today?

Setting exciting and empowering goals, will energize you to think different and in the end make you achieve those goals.

Today utopia, tomorrow flesh and blood as Victor Hugo said.

If you want to dive deeper into energizing goal setting I recommend listening Awaken the Giant Within Abridged edition by Tony Robbins. It’s just 1h and 30 minutes and you will get to set four of your major life goals in a guided manner.

Does Your Decisions Increase Well-being of Others?


When your thoughts match your words, and your words match your actions, you are what we could call happiness.

This sounds easier than it is, however with practice and effort it is achievable state of being.

Any mismatch here causes anxiety. Anxiety is not a state of wellbeing to ourselves or others.

We make decisions at thought level. Therefore a good question to ask yourself, does this increase the well-being of myself and others? Well-being that we manage to create for others always returns to ourselves, we only get that well-being what we have managed to create into our environment.

Life is Less About the Individual and More About the Collective Achievement


Anything great or worthwhile, is not an individual effort. Anything worthwhile isn’t certainly worthwhile to be doing alone. Anything important, is not worth doing alone.

I’ve lived a long time under the illusion of individualism. Although I thought I saw some of the connections, too little on much of it.

On 2015 when I began reading systematically more books, I paid attention more to the  acknowledgements parts of the books. What kept amazing me was that there were so many people who these authors thanked and for great reasons.

Same goes for movie credits, and that often just begins to reference to the original story which then again has come alive through ideas which come from relationships. Collective effort.

It’s therefore unskillful to think that individual does anything in this world.

Humans are hyper social beings, we are born and alive thanks to the collective effort and thus all of our achievements are in part thanks to those who came before us.

We Get Small Part of What We Give


We ought to live virtuous life. The more good we do and more value we add the more we receive. Yet the good we receive is always but a fraction of all good value we create.

When we combine the living virtuous life with selfless service we do in fact good without any expectance of return and through that we get unexpected benefits of seeing many good things happen when they need to.

We should look to do more good, to increase the value.

Difficult here is to contemplate on the right values, what is good? I.e. your own beliefs and values might collide with someone else’s. You mustn’t negotiate about anything worthwhile.

Instead we should work from what we believe and then create and give away value from there.

With less attachment we are able to, the more we feel like having. The more we give, the more generous and having we feel.

When we give, the motive isn’t merely to and expect return, but rather to do good without expectation. Doing good things to others makes us feel generous, and world will find a reprocicate.

Attention Makes Us Thrive


Attention is the currency of love and power.

As humans we literally crave for attention. Lack of attention is worse than negative attention.

Attention to people doesn’t cost any money, yet this is one of the most easily overlooked sides of leadership. Attention does take time and caring effort.

It’s not money, luxuries or drugs we care, it’s attention and caring.

It’s hard for us to admit it, however it is so.

I think the way to give the attention is the caring way. It’s at least better than the denying angry or upset way. Because in the end all of us crave for the attention at least the caring way is a  very nice to give the attention.

Meaning of Work in Relation to Life


 What is the meaning of work in regards to life? Work is literally the meaning: by work I mean the verb of working. By work I mean the elaborate use of the word meaning literally all activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a result.

As I was reading Bhagavad Gita today on the commute, I understood that too often we attach our minds too much to the end results: the rewards, fruits of labor.

Meaning of work is not the reward on contrary despite all we do and say, but the liberation to give and do without asking. By this statement I do not encourage slave labor, but to find ways to work without the expectation and attachment to the rewards.

Working is part of our nature. In Gita this is described as yoga in practice, however I found the awfully similar idea in Meditations by Marcus Aurelius where he says that it is man’s true nature to work.

Finding ways to work and serve others without any expectation of rewards brings surprising benefits that no fruit or coin can purchase.