Sleep, move, eat


Tom Rath has written a wonderful book titled Eat, Move, Sleep, it’s one of the best books I’ve read on wellbeing and if you have not read it, that would be the one book to read.

Today I amused myself with the thought that prioritizing sleep is important because once I am well rested I can respond better to almost anything! Up until to a point.

Sleep therefore deserves to be first. The second is a bit more difficult, but I would assume that if I first take care that I’ve rested well enough and I’ve empty fridge I guess I would have to move. The same would’ve applied to the hunter-gatherer example: if there is nothing to eat we need to move before we can eat.

Especially when we live the life of growth, the growth happens when we rest.

Eat the ideas


To grow, we need to learn and forget and learn again. How does even a new idea find fertile ground in the mind? We need to consciously create space for it.

It’s not enough for a thought to be read, heard or even taught.

It must become our life. We must think about, talk about it, forget about it and then apply. We must keep doing that over and over again, until at some point we start to identify with the new way of action.

Only when an idea or thought becomes action it has taken a root in our minds.

One example of such idea, was about how to conduct the normal desktop job, while sitting. Of course for a long time I and other people waited for the electric motor tables in order to do work efficiently… That’s until I read “Eat, Move, Sleep” by Tom Rath. That book was the tipping point and it put what I knew to the action, instead of just waiting for something to happen. Ever since I read that book, I try to stand up and do as much work standing up as possible.

To get the ideas into action:

Read the ideas,

Eat the ideas,

Breathe the ideas.

Our minds are constantly trying to compress more important thoughts into less space. Therefore it’s important to make sure you are well immersed in the new ideas you want to internalize.