Self-Discovery in Order to Benefit Others


Yesterday I had an epiphany that only person who really has a chance to get to know myself is myself. To truly know oneself, is a long process which we usually do not spend enough time with.

Not enough time? We are actually also the source of our time, we can create more of it and as plenty as we wish.

Once we know ourselves, we are able to give more of ourselves to others as well.

We should begin by stopping and knowing ourselves, since it’s really our privilege to know ourselves. If the senses are a channel to get to know others and that channel is a bit limited – with ourselves we do not have that problem.

Discover yourself, start to create your own time and benefit others.

What Are Your Engines?


Energy has been a fascinating topic to me for as long as I’ve been in professional life. I’ve wondered how come some people have energy to do all these things like work for months without day offs for example.

However, with this I realize there are others types of factors in play. It’s more about what does even a work day mean. A day of work without any breaks surely does feel tiring and repeating that even seven times is tiring for sure. Yet once we add some smart breaks it becomes very endurable.

Another thing is adding the activities that add energy, despite of the action.

Even better I picked up an interesting idea from Esa Saarinen: Esa said while charging batteries is fine, however it is possible to discover whole new engines altogether.