Your Goals are Team Effort


All great individuals have teams behind them. In fact when it comes to this, there are no great individuals at all, they are all part of the team.

To me this has taken almost three decades to realize and see, and to start grasping the true meaning of a team.

In western culture the individual seems to get attention in media for example and this creates false sense of what really made this possible. However, there are good examples too: credits of the movies for example or the acknowledgements in books, these both are eye opening to the number of people involved and gives slight hint of how much work and thought is behind a complete product.

In scientific research these are the references. We all are standing on the shoulders of the giants.

Whatever worthwhile you want to achieve, i.e. your purpose, your goals etc. You need a team. Whatever worthwhile you achieve is because of the team.

Be grateful.

Have a great day!


Fulfill Your Potential, Give Your Gift to the World


Human mind tends to overestimate what is possible in the short run and underestimate what is possible in the long run.

This bias leads many, but not all. Through history there are people who have literally moved mountains or cut through them with small, daily actions repeated over thousands of days. You need to start to think your life in the same way: what small actions you can start doing today towards the realization of your grand goal?

If the goal feels unsurmountable, it’s not the right goal. Right goal is energizing if it were possible, you do not yet know. If you get too stuck on the totality of the goal, it will be depressing. Instead you should figure out some action, which will lead you probably to the right direction and then keep repeating these action each day. Eventually you will succeed, or die trying.

At least you tried 😉

How else we would ever to be know what is our potential, what we are capable in this life?

Even better, we should not think of ourselves too much as individuals trying to achieve something great. Start to think what is possible with co-operation and team work! Human beings are naturally social animals and we tremendously enjoy belonging and doing together. What is possible through super productivity is totally unknown. One plus one is more than two, always. In the same ways as two planks will hold much more weight as each plank individually, at best the social bonds will create much more than each one could ever do individually.

We are at least as much products of the culture (=other people) as we are our genes, and the biome we inherit. Thus nothing worthwhile should not be done alone: learn to co-operate and see how the pieces start to fit together.

Modern societies and businesses cannot operate without the power of this co-operation. We cannot specialize and dedicate our time to worthwhile efforts if our time is consumed to meet our very basic needs. With the division of labor we are getting some things right.

There still is a lot of potential in you and many others unharnessed, so it’s not a perfect system. However at least if you feel the frustration deep enough as I did nine years ago, you can start to do something about it and dedicate most of your free time to learn something more. Opportunities are not yet equal, however we should not blame our circumstances, in today and this age the opportunities are more abundant than ever.

For example:

  • Access to knowledge is great thanks to abundant libraries and internet.
  • The tools are more available than ever: i.e. you can write and publish a book, or a video very easily.

There are no excuses not to do, to start learning and to filling your potential. What is your gift to the world?

Summary: Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg


Habits are worth studying and this is a one great book to get started. I had to summarize the key ideas to my blog as well, because I’ve a feeling that I will be referencing to it quite often in the near future.

“All our life, so far as it has definite form, is but a mass of habits” – William James, 1892

Our lives are made much of habits. Habits shape not only individual lives, but organizational lives as well as organizations are networks of people. People operate in where ever they go through habits. Cultures grow out of habits.

Habits can be formed consciously or unconsciously. Habit forms a habit loop: “New habits are created: by putting together a cue, a routine, and a reward, and then cultivating a craving that drives the loop.” Old habits cannot be deleted or forgotten conveniently, however almost any habit can be transformed if the cue and reward remain the say.

“Every habit, no matter its complexity , is malleable . The most addicted alcoholics can become sober . The most dysfunctional companies can transform themselves . A high school dropout can become a successful manager.”

Where does the change begin? Again, Duhigg refers to William James who has written the Will to Believe: “will to believe is the most important ingredient in creating belief in change.” Then he refers to NFL Coach Tony Dungy as well, who had said that “belief is the biggest part of success in professional football.” Will to believe, opens the possibility to beliefs. Then Duhigg brings up the concept of small win, which enables teams to believe that the bigger success can be achieved.

“Movements don’t emerge because everyone suddenly decides to face the same direction at once. They rely on social patterns that begin as the habits of friendship , grow through the habits of communities , and are sustained by new habits that change participants ’ sense of self.”

Book: Power of Habits by Charles Duhigg @Goodreads @Amazon @WWW

Nature of Willpower


Although willpower sounds very powerful, it’s power within the context of making the change happen is rather momentary and fleeting. To make a more lasting change, we need to harness the power of more recurring forces, like habits and culture.

Willpower is however interesting phenomenon that can trigger very important changes. With willpower we can finally have the spark to do a thing we have been procrastinating. Right use of willpower, in the key moments is like pushing down the first domino. To make sure that the rest of the dominoes line up we need to be aware of the power of habits in our personal life and of culture on a more social level.

Willpower is momentarily force that cannot be sustained for very long. Like all conscious efforts, willpower drains a lot of energy and therefore it’s just a spark in the dark.

As we become aware of the energy system we are. We can understand our actual needs, and then we can use this willpower in the key moments: when the dominoes are lined up so to speak to have the maximum impact.

Winning Culture


Winning culture is a story that manages to sell itself over and over again.

There is a big but!

A culture, where people do not hold on to the common values, tends to become decadent drug ring type of thing.

In culture where people have personal and shares values,  the cultures ability to sell itself to increasing audiences does make the culture.

Culture of Extraordinary Results


Which is more impressive:

  • Oridnary people doing extraordinary things
  • Extraordinary people doing extraordinary things?

I think it’s the ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Especially this can happen when there is a group of people who exceed all expectations. Superproductivity. Flourishing. Thriving. Whatever you want to call it!

What makes this happen, is people themselves. When people feel safe and trusted at work, they know their goals and what’s expected of them this kind of fun creative force starts to take over.

Much of it boils down to the culture. Leaders are the conductors of the culture.

Potential is something unseen and unexpected that can only blossom in a such environment. It’s like a spring: fruitful abundance.

Discovering The Thing


We become good at what we do.

Today I was confronted with the fact that I’ve probably mastered some tasks and it would be useful to think what are the next things I want to master professionally. Although in general direction I’ve good idea, on this micro level I am not so clear yet.

In my youth I’ve spent most of my time as far as I can remember with games and anime. That part of my personality I still sometimes find difficult to match with real life, although I am getting better at it.

I’ve grown in Finland, English is the first thing I’ve felt like I succeed in ever since I was a kid. I’ve sought out the Japanese and Asian cultures. It’s a kind of interesting mix.

Yet we all are. Maybe I am a hybrid of global cultures, yet we all are also very mixed up genetically. There was the ad by Momondo, which makes this point very well. Human memory does tricks to us, and we forget our relatives, where we’ve come from. In actuality we are all kind of family.

It is through these interesting mixes that we are able to create. Create something new, remix something old. Express and leave our dents to the universe.

What do you want to do?


Are You Ready or “Ready”?


First let’s consider how differently people define ready. For some, ready is ready now, while for others it’s ready plus five minutes more to get ready.

That’s why it is good to define ready. For me it’s ready now, and then to go go go. For many people it’s ready plus something and then we have to compensate that by the waiting. With several enough of these kind of moments of 5-10 minute a waits during the day and we’ve spent an hour there, hour of precious time.

How do you define ready?

By clear definition, you can begin to these micro bottlenecks through your life and day. I dislike being a bottleneck, therefore I’ve defined my ready as being really ready to go and not putting the others on hold right away.

Three Ideas for Fulfilling Life


Values are only values when we are willing to sacrifice for them. So values require a sacrifice. Since values are so deep thing, it would be quite odd to let a day go by without sacrificing for your values. Whatever you want to achieve in life, make sure you know what you are sacrificing for.

Are your values consciously chosen or unconsciously adopted? Be mindful, because values are also what you are sacrificing for. To put it more simply: what you do influences also who you are.

Potentially values can become uplifting positive forces for you; you’ll become person of virtue. There is also the danger that you are sacrificing for values which further increase the downward spiral.

All our actions are indicators of our values. As an example: today I went to the shop and I was willing to pay for the frozen wok mix and broccoli, because I value my health and the nutritious food. From this we can deduce, that when I decided to adopt a new value about health about six months ago, it has started to root, because even after that time I am willing to make such sacrifices.

The same way actions can be indicators of destructive values as well. When I am craving for chocolate and eat way more than two bites I am valuing the short term gratification higher than my long term health.

One might say that such small things do not matter, yet it is exactly these small actions do add up. Tom Rath says it well in his book Eat, Move, Sleep that when it comes to nutrition the net score of each meal or day matters. I really like that thinking, because it simplifies each day into conscious choices which we have the ability to win.

Making the small choices does not happen with willpower or discipline. Making small choices happens by creating habits out of those choices, making those small choices easy and the difficult ones hard. I.e. give away the chocolates, spend most of the time in the veggies department in shop and always have healthy snacks at hand.

Two more ideas to make small choices happen every day:

  1. Make sacrificing for your goals fun. For example, pop hits are short and fun, they become memorable and fun therefore their listeners just can’t stop it. And then we have earworms. And yes, you even might use the power of popular music to associate with your cause.
  2. Connect your values with a bigger cause and a story. It helps if your choice does help others in their i.e. it is easier to refrain from eating beef if you know that beef is one of the most energy inefficient foods on earth and thus a big problem for our climate.

I choose to use the words sacrifice for the values, because until virtues become our second nature, we are easily misguided beings in the midst of many emotions, external influences etc. We must sacrifice the past selves, in order to grow more closely to our potential selves. Fulfillment comes naturally when we strive to live the life of virtue.

Grow with the Culture


When the culture of action and doing is with you it’s easier to do.

When people around you encourage you to try new things and even expect you also to do things courageously and quick, difficult things suddenly become easy.

I’ve the privilege to work in such environment, and I am just amazed how that which could be labelled in many ways ‘difficult’, is just a thing among other things to be done at Trainers’ House. The culture of doing and encouragement has been great importance in my path of growth.

It’s the culture that nurtures and allows us to grow.

Seek out cultures that you are compatible with, observe, find out the core values and dive in! Culture is a powerful force, that cannot be seen or controlled. To the parts of it we have to surrender, in order to grow.