Simple Success


Succeeding in life is easy:

  1. Determine what is important, what does success mean?
  2. Figure out concrete actions
  3. Prioritize: decide in which order and when you perform these actions
  4. Learn and return to 1.

People get caught to a story loop, in which they are constantly convincing themselves why they cannot achieve this. Watch your self-talk, be mindful and accurate of your thinking and your words. Then keep returning to the first rule. What is the success for me, what is really important?

Groundwork also involves a lot of self-knowledge, your values and you goals. If you do not know yourself, you cannot start succeeding, how could you if you do not even know what you want and need.

In life results come from nothing. It depends on your creativity and ability to organize common successes how much you can get from nothing and in what time. We all have limited time and no-one really knows how much.

What can be done depends only on your capacity to draw things from the unknown, the creative world. World we know today has been made from nothing. We are the shapers, we create the change.

What kind of change you want to create?

My advice is to create reasons for succeeding in creating this vision rather than excuses to obscure it.

Self-Help Signals


I used to get easily annoyed by almost anything. In fact word “self-help” itself was a bit red alert for me. Yet I felt like this is exactly the time I need to use this word that I’ve almost banned from my dictionary.

This is so fun topic: the signals that we need to find in order to help ourselves.

Helping ourselves is the second best option, right after the fact that there might be someone who is more qualified to see what we really need. Self-help is almost the best option!

How do we know that we need self-help? I think understanding that we need to help ourselves and to accept this are the most difficult parts. Who would like to admit that they are insufficient? Who would, because we are not!

In fact we are masterpieces in construction and never to be completed. Life is an oscillation rather than linear start and finish point. However, it’s each day we must wake up and start to chisel at our masterpieces.

Have you ever wondered how do the masters know that their masterpieces are ready? I think there are several unfinished masterpieces of art out there in the exhibition.

In the same way, ourselves we are an unfinished masterpiece which we must ourselves work on each day. This is why we need self-help: it’s part of the cure, not the only cure. Rest of the cure comes from those who can see what we really need.

Good way to know if you need some self-help is that if you do not get any help from outside. So then you might need to help yourself a bit, so you can receive a bit from outside 😀

Have a great day!


Synthesis from Science of Money and Some Other Books


So I just finished Science of Money by Brian Tracy and I was thinking to write summary. However, just writing a summary isn’t right, because there are so many interesting things from other sources as well which I thought to throw in the mix.

Science of Money gets a big recommendation from me, if you are interested about money. On the measure of how much Kindle highlights I’ve made, this was a great book with a lots of learning as I exceeded the 10% with over five percentage points. The fact that I cannot even highlight and remember everything, is a very good sign that if you are interested, get the book.

Book starts by verbalizing what I have been thinking and experiencing a in my professional life: “Money remains one of the most thought – provoking , emotional , and polarizing subjects in the world.”

Whenever we start to talk about money with people we do not know well, it is a topic that does easily cause strong emotions and polarizes. Conversations can end or light up quickly.

What is money? Money is medium of exchange, the medium to exchange value. Things themselves do not have any value, only when there is someone to pay.

As Yuval Noah Harari put in Sapiens “money is the most universal and most efficient system of mutual trust ever devised.” Money is medium of exchange, and it’s based on trust and belief that you can exchange it tomorrow too.

More important than money, is however the value. And because we all exchange our services for something, we better be always looking to create more value. Because of this, Brian Tracy puts it well that everybody works on straight commission. To me this was a breakthrough thought that instantly connected with another thought from Daniel Pink’s book to Sell is Human: “selling is moving people”, therefore we are all in sales.  I think this thought by Brian Tracy is really interestingly combined with this thought and creates even greater thought:  we are all in sales with straight commission.

When we begin to internalize this, we start to think more about the value we create in the hours, days and weeks. Brian puts it well that wealthy people work for six days a week. They also keep on investing on themselves to keep on learning new valuable skills.

Earning ability, the skills is important. Even more important is the habit of saving money from what you earn, after that you can scale up.

Parkinson’s Law and How to Use It

More importantly Brian goes through most relevant laws that govern money and earning. They all important, yet in here I would like to focus on Parkinson’s law that says expenses rise to meet the income. Or “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.”

On contemplating this, I’ve successfully understood why Elon Musk for example divides his time into five minute chunks to get more done. Even bigger chunks such as 30 min or 45 minute will work. Setting a time limit for a task will make sure that it will get done.

Identity and limiting beliefs

Brian goes to length talk about limiting beliefs, self-doubt in particular that as he shares in one story, is the tool of the devil as the metaphor.

As a medicine for self-doubt he recommends the inverse paranoia (believing that world is conspiring to make you succeed) that was practiced for example by W . Clement Stone who was worth 800 million $ at the time he died.

Many of us live with kind of (socially programmed) level of self-worth in money and social as well. This is mostly unconscious, we inherit from our childhood and youth environment and strive for it. If we are below the level of our programmed level of living standard, we are willing to work harder. If we are above, we will find ways to spend and get rid of the money.

Changing your identity about money happens as with any habit: slowly and surely. As with getting anywhere, visualizing the success and using the imagination to be actually already there is the first step to achievement. This is the way for example soccer hero’s are born: young boys watching their childhood heroes on the field. Or for any pop star as well, it all starts with a dream – a visualization and then a long journey with many tiny steps towards that dream.

Money is not the end goal, as said, money is just a metric on how much value you are creating. However, be patient, learn, learn and learn. You will be surprised: this is a more probably road than winning a lottery.

“The most important principle of personal or business success is simply this; you become what you think about most of the time.” – Brian Tracy

Since all money just measures how much value is being created, the value creation is critical. All value is created from nothing. This makes life a wonderful adventure, because it means we there is no limit to the value we can create if we are imaginative.

If your work is profitable then it’s worth of your time and effort, a nature’s way of guiding us.


Work and Humility

“When you go to work, work. Put your head down and work.” – Brian Tracy

Brian gives about working and understanding that working is exchanging value and then value should be maximized. With the acknowledgement that we are all humans, I like this kind of thinking. When we work, the focus should be working and creating value for the customers. To create value for customers we need to be finding new ways to serve these people in customer organizations.

Then I might add a different point of view as well, that our focus as human beings is rather limited. There are no such things as 12 hour productive streaks. We need to stay focused and productive during our day, however in between there should be smart breaks, a bit of exercise, and why not some laughter as well.

Overall I really like the idea of recognizing when you should be focusing and working and when you should be having fun is a big difference and I like the humility here as an approach.

Cause and Effect

 “All wealth, all happiness, all prosperity, all success are the direct and indirect effects or results of specific causes or actions” – Brian Tracy

To conclude so much content, I would say that value creation, through work and imagination are the basis. One important thing is what is called secondary consequences. This thought really hit me, that I actually see think about this stuff! Most people think only about what happens next, primary consequence if you do this or that. However, there are also the secondary consequences which will happen eventually from other perspectives.

Whatever you want to achieve in life you can either achieve it by chance or doing something differently. Study the cause and effect, and think of the secondary consequences too.

Summary of Seth Godin’s Linchpin


Today I decided to revisit my highlights of the Linchpin. It is the book that literally made me to write every day again and I hold it in high regard. Although I had tried with my previous blog writing everyday for month, I didn’t stick with it. And even this time I had from different sources and different reasons to stick with this (Steve Pavlina and Neil Pasricha), Linchpin despite was the book that convinced me to start again.

“Stop asking what’s in it for you and start giving gifts that change people.”

Quite simply and shortly put the Linchpin is a book about being you, and stop hitting your head to the wall. It’s about creating the art (what ever you want to do) that is meaningful.

I’ve found my most meaningful time of the day to be thinking and clarifying my thinking as a text. While the medium might and change from person to person, you should put the effort there. Seth’s advice is to put the hour to your art no matter what. Do not mind the defects, as art is never defect free anyway.

The lesson is to commit to an hour a day to the art and then deliver.

“In everything you do, it’s possible to be an artist, at least a little bit.”

Life is not about the dull work, it’s about the wonderful art. Seth spends quite a lot of time and space in the book to talk about what are the common causes that people do not follow this advice: fear and resistance rise up, which I can totally relate. He had inspirational lines like “I realized that my lizard brain was afraid of this book, which is the best reason I can think of to write it.”

Creating art does require courage and less resistance.

“You become a winner because you’re good at losing.”

To conclude, the key is about creative action that is not just any action, but work that brings meaning to the peoples’ lives. Such action is called art, and almost any action can be art if it’s done with creativity and sense of purpose, not with just the bored everyday routines. What does prevent us from doing to ordinary extraordinarily well is our lizard brain that is afraid of failure. The way to overcome this is through the practice of delivering and doing it because it is meaningful and it deserves to be done and delivered.

Discovering The Thing


We become good at what we do.

Today I was confronted with the fact that I’ve probably mastered some tasks and it would be useful to think what are the next things I want to master professionally. Although in general direction I’ve good idea, on this micro level I am not so clear yet.

In my youth I’ve spent most of my time as far as I can remember with games and anime. That part of my personality I still sometimes find difficult to match with real life, although I am getting better at it.

I’ve grown in Finland, English is the first thing I’ve felt like I succeed in ever since I was a kid. I’ve sought out the Japanese and Asian cultures. It’s a kind of interesting mix.

Yet we all are. Maybe I am a hybrid of global cultures, yet we all are also very mixed up genetically. There was the ad by Momondo, which makes this point very well. Human memory does tricks to us, and we forget our relatives, where we’ve come from. In actuality we are all kind of family.

It is through these interesting mixes that we are able to create. Create something new, remix something old. Express and leave our dents to the universe.

What do you want to do?


Start Building Your Legacy Today


Writing has been me the way to develop and clarify my thinking. Writing is a good way to do that, however the potential of writing is much more: I can describe and communicate what I’ve learned.

Yesterday as evening as I had done with my evening meditation, I was thinking about the shortness of life: how to live without regrets? I understood that indeed each day and moment are gifts, we should use them in a way that contribute that higher purpose.

In my case I understood that after me would still remain my writing and each day I’ve chance not only improve my own writing, but to give out my very best, because this is indeed what remains.

I like reflection, journaling and learning. In fact I had a vision to write journals and then to use them as material to memoirs at older age. Now I understand and realize that I do not have to wait.

Whatever your thing is, find ways to start today.

Self-expression is life purpose


Before, I contemplated that looks could be helpful for success. Now a different angle came to my mind: our whole being is self-expression via various mediums.

Some people choose to express themselves through their bodies, others through their digital selves and some have mastered others (i.e. media or family) to do their bidding.

One simple way to look self-expression is indeed through our look. Most people actually do care and maintain some kind of image.

I’ve never felt strong urge to do piercings, tattoos or even whacky haircuts. Even at times when that urge comes, it usually passes really quickly. To me this means attunement and appreciation of the natural beauty as well as the naturalistic and Buddhist values. However, this lack of bodily expression is often misunderstood as naïveté and inexperience. I give that it does lack street credibility; however we cannot have everything, can we?

In fashion I am a bit more expressive as I like to use colors depending on the mood, especially warm and calm colors are to my liking. I’ve just a few sets of clothes that I actively wear for each season, that also saves some energy during day to day, not having to figure out what to wear too much. Also for my work, I wear business, which I couldn’t have believed to be doing few years back. Maybe in the future I will be wearing suits to work and robes on my free time, because I feel like robes are so cool. Monks wear them and Jedi wear them!

There is more though, this is just the looks part, what we decide regardless. Most adults do these decisions consciously, what to wear, comb the hair or not? We have chosen what we do and do not do.

However, in addition to the actual being in the real world, there is also those other self like I mentioned: the image that we create of ourselves and also that image what others create of us.

What is the self-expression potential here? They are huge. We can paint and associate our name with that. We can become famous for music or athletic triumph story. All this becomes linked to our physical look, so that is what it is for the most parts and for the rest it’s what we’ve consciously chosen. However there is one resource that we have control over and it is present moment. We can choose what to do with our time and how to use that time.

For athlete it might be to train for the Olympics. For a singer to train that art of singing. For me it’s writing until I find a better way to express myself. What matters here is that that creative self-expression through the medium which feel is right. Because that medium can be and will be scaled.

For sure, others will talk about this later and media will certainly say whatever they want. We shouldn’t foucs too much to that, but more to what we can do in the present moment. Life is about self-expression after all!

Expressing happens in the present and for a lifetime. Discover the best way to express yourself each moment, that is the purpose of life!


Image credits to Greyerbaby @Pixabay, thank you!

Poem: Threat of the long night

Troubles at the docks,
Darkness like bird flocks
Coming a shore,
Everything unsure!
Captain tell us what to do.

Art is the answer,
There are branches,
And with sweat,
We don’t need to fret.

Art, what art?
What good is a piece of art without the proper chart.
Chart to follow, chart to see,
Without a chart there can be no we.

Captain is a fool,
We need a real tool!
Throw him into dungeon,
As a precaution!

Thus the darkness prevails,
Night will be long, without avail.
There is still time, which way we shall sail?

Captain humiliated like a brick, in fact his name is Rick.
Rick has a dream of a day when we all are free,
From the ignorance and blame that are burning wise trees.

So in the jail Rick goes preaching,
and many of the people reaching.
“During the day, we are grounded to deed.
Which we must accomplish, without a weep or greed.
Humble servants we should be,
Without complaining ‘gee’,
smarts should not equal to the social status
soorest are on a lifelong hiatus,
what separates us from the most,
is the emotional cost.
otherwise we are all but roast!”

Emotional labor to read and create,
What makes men so desperate?
The attachment to worldly pleasure,
without any amendable gesture!

What we do imprints story in our minds,

Which i then told to ourselves in situations all kinds.
Stillness and contemplation suit the most,
Others will surely be lost.

Stillness and creation highest purpose of all,
Yet so many on this road fall.
In their minds more glorious than humble,
What to do with those who stumble?

Together we shall go Rick declares,
Better together even with snares.
Long way little by little,
Sounds good and definitely frickle.

Peace to achieve highest purpose we need,
Every morning others we greet.
Create until sleep,
To find the thought deep,
Tell the story to the meek,
Thunder while speak.
End with words wise, not bleak.

Tomorrow is bright,
Art is the path right,
Together we have might,
Bravery of the knight
And wisdom of the sight.
Now prepared for the night.