A Bit More


What if everyone tried a bit more, what would follow? Just a bit more at the most important task, how much further would it take you?

A bit times thousand is a lot of effort and trying.

A bit more is not possible in everything, but try not to think it that why. Just try a bit more at something.

Complaining does not help to solve problems or further the cause. How about you instead try to be a bit more accepting instead of complaining?

What would you like to be bit more? Start doing today.

Upgrade the Stories You Tell to Yourself


Be mindful of what you tell to yourself, about yourself, the day and the expectations.

Have positive expectations! By the things you say to yourself you can make each day a wonderful adventure. You would like to think that life is good and the world is conspiring to help you.

We can choose what we believe. It’s much more fun to think that the good things are going to happen today than bad things, right?

Easy to acknowledge, a bit more difficult to do, because this does take effort. However, the best time to start is now so that little by little you are able to remove the unskillful patterns and then manage the rest of the unhelpful thoughts as they come. Finally then you can fully nurture the thoughts that nurture your growth and experience of the life in total.

And your positive thinking does not only affect yourself, it increases primarily the wellbeing of those around you.

What are you waiting for? Create more positive stories about yourself, the world and the people. You will attract more opportunities this way than you will ever by complaining.

Have a wonderful evening!


We can live with less complaining


Living in the first world, I don’t think we’ve right to complain. If we have time to complain we are living our lives unskillfully, without enough many worthwhile things to do to forget our own experience for a while and work for the greater good.

We are at our happiest when we forget ourselves for a while and the pains of live, while engaged in the meaningful work.

Often it’s not that we do not have enough, we’ve plenty we just need to appreciate that which we have. Otherwise no matter how much money you earn a month because you will certainly find the way to spend it.

Shifting from the “not enough” world to the world of abundance requires awareness.

We do not create better world by standing and complaining, we create better world by working towards meaningful goal and forgetting ourselves for a second while at it