Don’t Let the Limits Bother You


Creativity blossoms out of limits.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” ― Henry Ford

Excuses are form of our own thoughts limiting our own actions. Let go of excuses.

Beliefs what is or is not possible is a form of limitation. Do not let beliefs hold you back, look to open up possibilities.

What we have achieved before, does not mean something is impossible. It has just merely been done before. Do not let past, history limit you.

What others think you can or cannot do, is not necessarily accurate judgement. Do not let others determine what you can or cannot do. You know yourself best and if you think you have a chance, try it out.

Do not let the limits bother you, even if there are limits, seek to build bridges in between. You will find more strength and are able to summon unexpected strength and creativity. Limits are the construction material for greatness.

Change too profound to be mourned

lost-474124_1920The stormy weather with wind and rain I faced,

Rather than against inner resistance braced.

Calm can be found in the storm,

Especially when feelings seem to be torn,

Clarity through walking meditation is born,

And pledging to focus is sworn.


Yesterday I thought and wrote a lot about unconscious, it was truly inspirational and quite a breakthrough for my thinking. Unconscious represents our potential and the understanding I gained yesterday meant that the potential of the unconscious is far greater than I had anticipated.

Yet during the same day as I continued to study the topic, I stumbled upon a video How to make Yourself a Better Person by Alan Watts which on a deep level challenged and shocked me.

These thoughts about vicious circle felt true. Later on that day I watched the video again and this morning again. Finally I reached a satisfactory understanding and allowed to me to proceed with this writing. Watts makes a clear point in that video that we should not get on the way of ourselves or others by helping, because we are only in the way. Instead what he suggests is to start observing. Even observing does change the world we are living in, yet it gives at least ourselves a chance.

In my earlier thoughts I’ve overvalued thinking and rationality. Now I’ve come to appreciate the potential of the unknown, unseen and the unconscious. I realize that none of these can be reached by rational thought, and even observing is changing the results. By striving to just be observers we let ourselves a chance to be what is required of us, without constantly trying to help (destroy) what is sprouting.