Conscious Growth for the Benefit of Others



Conscious growth means taking responsibility and meeting challenges head on. It means facing the challenges and recognizing that there Is “little that I know already.” With the growth, means that we can tackle greater challenges, which then in turn eventually lead to a position where you do not honestly know.

According to the Peter Principle “managers rise to the level of their incompetence.” I think this applies to our personal growth as well. Eventually we will run into things in which we are incompetent. So we grow and still are incompetent at the same time.

Becoming something more than we were before is rewarding. It’s even more rewarding to see results in our own growth to benefit other people. Perhaps something that I learned will benefit you as well.

Thus the efforts to become incompetent in something, do not go in vain. Instead it is something for others to step on.

Do not hurry to become incompetent. Take your time, nurture your own growth so that in time your turn will be to nurture the growth of others.

Return to the basics every day. Masters worship the basics.

Time to learn to breathe!

Img credits: Marco C~commonswiki
Img credits: Marco C~commonswiki

What is the one thing we can consciously affect to our metabolism? Breathing.

What is the one thing few people actually learn properly? Breathing.

Breathing is something at the very core of our lives, mostly it happens unconsciously. However, we can control it consciously as well. Wise people do. Breathing has long traditions in Yogic and Buddhist meditation. Probably also many others that I am not aware of.

Breathing is so important that its so easy to overlook.

For many years, I thought I had figured out the importance of breathing. I had practiced for long, yet somehow the importance of the idea faded. Now it has suddenly become to the center of my awareness once again, thanks to the miracle of sound breathing called speech. Jari Sarasvuo gave two days ago excellent coaching session, which I’ve been referring in the two previous posts as well. However about breathing he made a point that I already knew, yet I had forgotten: breathing is at the very core of biological ’winning’. Everything starts with breathing.

Through breathing its possible to alter moods. Its’ quite a superpower for those who actually have learned about its secrets. Would it be about time to learn?