Unleash the God Within


The dilemma with ‘us’ is our egoes that get into the way.

With ego involvement we can be excellent, without ego involvement we can be godlike geniuses.

Judgement does not further our cause.

Our we have tiny fraction of universes uniqueness inside us, and to live that true would be the purpose of life. Now, I would like to give advice i.e. to actualize that requires skillful action without an attachment to the results or trappings of identity.

Or perhaps that you could practice this or that meditation.

However, life is not that simple: each of our life is a puzzle, a game of a different kind to unlock our godlike nature. Therefore what works for one, may not work for another.

Buddha was careful with the words. Words or thoughts can guide or misguide us.

I realized, that my mission on is not to tell what I know, or communicate what I have learned. My mission is to wake up people to think for themselves. With this autonomy people can start solving their own puzzles of life and unleash the god within for themselves.

Sustainable Happiness is Based on Production Capability


In all leadership including self-leadership or leading others, it is often one thing to get results or to see long term flourishing.

Execution ability and ability to deliver results under time pressure is a crucial skill in professional business life for example, where the time constraints can determine whatever business goes bankrupt or not.

If we are to operate in sustainable manner, of course we would have the amount of proactivity that we could push the immediate threat of bankruptcy far enough so that we do not have to react to these critical events that require immediate attention so much in the present. So that we could focus being proactive.

Proactivity in this case means also building the production capability, means preparing and training ourselves to meet the future challenges.

External motivators such as rewards can be harmful for the production capability yet they are used all the time to get the result. This results in just golden eggs, while we could focus having more golden gooses.

If we want to have more apples, well harvesting them this year certainly gives us X amount of apples. However, in the long term we do not get more, we get less unless we plant more apple trees.

Same is with the people. Unless nurture ourselves and others, we do not produce more, we produce less.

CFO asks CEO, “What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave us?”

CEO: “What happens if we don’t, and they stay?” – Peter Baeklund

In leading ourselves, we need to remember to develop our production capability. Doing more is only helpful until to a point, where our work starts to exhaust us in the long run. We need to work smarter and to build our capacity to produce in limited time.

With people this means training and nurturing each individuals belief in what they have potential to become. If you treat people as what they have potential to become, they just might respond to that. Nurture their internal drive and remember the autonomy, meaning and mastery.

If you are interested in further about this topic see Daniel Pink’s ted talk, his book Drive and Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People for starters.

Contemplation on Nature of Motivation


I dislike the word motivation. Often it is used like “to motivate” and as if the external things could really move us for any longer than it is absolutely necessary.

When it comes to motivation, the only flame we have is inside us. What does cause this inner motivation? Daniel Pink summarized it in his book Drive to three things: Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose.

When these things click people are living the life: using every moment preciously.

Furthermore the inner drive is self-fulfilling prophecy especially when autonomy and mastery and aligned with purpose. Purpose feeds the desire for mastery and autonomy.

Purpose is the reason to wake up, work, learn and live the life. With strong purpose, desire to learn and contribute more becomes natural.


P.s Check out Daniel Pink’s TED talk on motivation.


Everything We Need is in the Moment



All words, sentences seem to be in way only partial truths. Therefore if we want to speak only the truth we would be quiet most of the time.

Despite their imperfections phrases are useful.

Everything we need is in the moment. More precisely everything we have is in the moment, therefore we should accept and embrace it. If we can do that, we feel happiness. Happiness is a skillset to accept the present, love yourself love the conditions that life has set upon you.

Happiness attracts happiness. To that which we focus, we get more of.

Acceptance leads to taking responsibility, responsibility leads to mastery. Mastery is unique human trait that makes life feel fulfilling, especially if combined with autonomy and purpose. Together these three unleash intrinsic motivation that allow us to become the masters of the moments. We rise beyond of expectations, time and mundane needs. We are able to satisfy needs at the highest of levels.

For further reading try the Drive by Daniel Pink, Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor or Happiness Equation by Neil Pasricha.