Do things that help you to do the important things

I find it observing and reflection enjoyable, because much of my insights come through these simple processes.

As an example I could use my writing process. I find it difficult to start writing for my blog, if I have just my journal open. However, right after I create a new blank document to write the blog, I start to feel the focus and urge to write. So what do I do? Every day I’ll start writing by creating a new document, because this alone nudges me to the right direction.

Do you know what’s good for you?

Jari Sarasvuo is still serving people every Monday on radio, in his monologue. From this week’s episode it occurred to me that people do usually have good or even great advise to give the close people in trouble. What we don’t do is to follow or listen our own advise.

So I’ve to start considering, what are some of the actions I am reluctant to do that are beneficial to me? Especially from fitness department I know there are many actions I’ve not been willing to take, even though it would be very good for me. With asking these correct questions and seeing that I am really avoiding some areas of action that are beneficial to me.

Sometimes we are also using our “seems to be action” as an excuse for real action, that brings results. I see this all the time in my own tendency. Therefore I decided to stop and ask, what is it I can do to improve the odds of succeeding in the most important action?

Any action that would be beneficial to you, that you are avoiding? Think about it.

Sometimes own medicine is the best medicine.

Focused flow for effortless work

Flow is the state where you need to focus to the task at hand to a such degree that it takes your attention. It causes you to forget petty things, minor distractions, even feelings such as hunger.

People are happiest when they forget themselves for a while. On the other hand we become depressed if we are remember all our suffering.

Therefore to work to improve, even if little the surrounding work is a task that we should be striving to.

I’ve been applying these thoughts in the recent weeks rigorously to my life and indeed I’ve been more energized, and in a joyful mood, while getting more things done than ever. It seems to be that the working for a greater purpose, feels like an innate human need.

Seeing a better tomorrow gives hope too and feeds the optimism to work even further.

Work itself is not a purpose, but a vehicle for a better future. To keep this vehicle running, we need to learn to manage our states, including the state of flow.

(Flow model)

Understanding the mental state is really useful in this. For flow to occur, we need to tweak our experience to be just right. The flow model, devived by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is really good way to think about it and use to adjust the direction.

Managing the flow state through the day is part of the even bigger picture, the whole picture of life. Everything is connected.

Tom Rath has written really good book called Eat, Move and Sleep on this topic. Essentially he is saying that these three topics needs to be tackled together and when we do, we can achieve more energy to our lives. There are easy action suggestions in the book, which you can start to apply right away. I’ve been applying many of the ideas I learned from the book and I do feel like much more energy.

I’ve been looking to create more energizing routines to my life for about 10 months now and until I read the Tom Rath’s book, I think I thought about it in too narrow view. Creating more energy starts with three core habits of eating, moving and sleeping well. And then when that energy is lead with the understanding of the flow concept, we can start to hit flow on most of the days at ease, which then again makes working effortless.


Further sources

Talk on Flow

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Eat Move Sleep: How Small Choices Lead to Big Changes by Tom Rath

Odds of the call

This morning I realized a bunch of useful lessons. One of these was to realize how much I can influence the odds of success just by asking the question “what can I say that makes this call more probable to succeed?” and then apply it.

A lot of my work revolves around in setting appointments with decision makers in businesses. Usually the first thirty seconds matter a lot in the call, what and how you say it matters a lot.

Most interesting part is to accept that we are all humans, so are the people in the other side of the line as well. Important it is to realize that you are physically safe. Knowing that you are safe, you can make the proposition with energy and courage, without hesitance or fear of rejection. Courageous and clear proposition style raises the odds of success as well.

In reality for a one call, the odds are still against you and road to the mastery is long. Meanwhile should keep clarifying our most important message and deliver it with courage, energy and joy.

Creative use of the past

Past is past, nothing can change that. But we can use that to change our present. Most significantly I would point out the power of creative force, through which we can express even painful memories and experiences and then through the act of creation redefine them.

Using the past and even present this way, then all the experiences become unlimited source for creation, rather than suffering.

We can also learn a lot from the past. For these few days I’ve been struggling quite a bit with the long distance relationship and I’ve been losing my focus. So therefore, I decide to revisit some of my old journals to find some better coping strategies. And from the last year, around the same time we were last time separated for a longer while, I did find something helpful: poems. The actual poems from last year already made my heart warmup, however also the brilliant thought that I should use now this opportunity as well to create some new ones, the pain of the separation is the best creative source after all.

Of course past journals contain a lot of unforgotten wisdom as well. Our mind has tendency to forget that which we do not not use, which means most of it. This way the journals also become a sort of filtering system for useful information. The more often some thoguhts are mentioned in a journal, the more likely it is that the thought has been useful.

Do not be defined by your past, but use the past experiences to define your present in a way that serves you better.

Ask How

From everything what I’ve read so far, I’ve summarized the growth mindset into sets of “how” –questions. I.e. “how can that be done” or “how can I do it”?

I like “how”, because its puts me to think.

Currently I am living in a long distance relationship, which makes me to think how we can be together in the future.

It’s much more productive to ask how in this kind of situation than settle with some answer. Life is up to us to figure out and with how we can.

Keep asking yourself how and write everything down that comes up with it. In time you will at least understand what you don’t understand in order to understand. Eventually you’ll understand how, or die trying.



Ever since I read the book Rich Dad and Poor Dad, I’ve been reading and hearing about this Cashflow Game of Robert Kiyosaki. I’ve had quite big prejudice against that game, for I thought that I did not need such a game and on the other hand I felt like that I am above such a thing, so therefore it cannot be any help to me. I had no desire to try this.

Today as I happened to be filling the information for the upcoming coaching session and otherwise go through all the materials in the website, I also happen to notice this Cashflow game. I happen to have a moment to kill so I decide to give it a spin. Soon I notice that I am unable to stop rolling the virtual dice, I want to escape the rat race that is in the game. Then soon my mind got blown as I finally understood that once I escaped the rat race, life has  become pretty nice: there are no longer paydays to look up to, but cashflow days. Most of the activity that is left to do is just about decision to buy more assets. Life is good… Oh game is good!

Oh and I am running late, as I agreed to meet a friend – time just flew by.

Later on today I’ve played a few more times this game online and it’s just so right that the hard part in the life is to beat this rat race. This game however already prepares us to do this and in a sense it’s a quick and brilliant way to educate people to do better financial decisions in their lives

I am really glad I tried it, because now I understand that I need to start looking those small opportunities first to build and acquire assets that generate more money and some day to escape this rat race and focus more meaningful pursuits. Cash can be awesome vehicle to get there.

Despite my initial prejudice and in general the lack of belief against educational games, I’ve to take my word back. Or very at least say that this game provides kind of safe environment where it can further spark the interest to study more!


P.S I’m just a coaching program member of the Rich Dad, but I’ve no other affiliation with Robert Kiyosaki or the business.  



What remains…?



What remains after your income?  This morning I was thinking about income, and I remember the thought that it does not really matter how much you earn, but rather what remains after the expenditures (and especially how you use the rest).

What remains after life? Now after a long day I am thinking a bit from the other angle: what remains of us after the death? I do not know if there is any existence outside our physical being, but I know that if there is it has to do something with collective consciousness. Therefore, if there is anything that we can have after this life, its only these thoughts and the karma we’ve.

What remains after each day? What you’ve done. This question is a good reason for me to at least write my journal, publish an article, help someone and care about someone.

What remains after me in the toilet? Clean toilet. This one is ridiculous in work places, people think they can shit all over the place just because they are working there and that it’s not their responsibility to clean their shit and other mess they make. If you run like this, do not complain that the shit follows you everywhere.

What remains after reading this? Awareness to take wiser and kinder action.

What’s the cure, when you do not get the wanted results?


Suddenly I realized, that often the cure the leadership offers to the problems at hand is to work harder and do more.

Hard work does bring results, I’ll sign that belief for sure.

Now I want to consider for a moment: are there any other ways to go about this? What kind of action would bring the results? What are the conditions under which the results would fall in place? Is there anything we can do to improve the odds of results today to have them tomorrow?

Right kind of action will bring the results in time, so consistency is important. However, even more important is to identify right action, without knowing if this is a right action we might be just as well wasting our precious energy.

So same answer does not apply every time. When you do not know if it’s the right action, you should find the answer first, work to answer that first or very at least ask different questions like, what are alternative ways to get results?

It may just as well be worth it to get some extra rest today. It won’t be getting the results you need today, but it just might tomorrow. Be in it for the long game.

Lessons about love and intrinsic motivation

A long time, I’ve been perhaps trying to unnecessarily encourage my love to show some interest in the vast knowledge in books and in vain. Only when she is really interested in something in her own terms she does something about it.

This is the interesting question about inborn motivation… I am interested in the interconnectedness of things, and she sees world in more learn as you go basis.

It’s sometimes difficult to let people you love to follow their own interests and curiosities, yet that’s the only way.

Because in fact, how can anyone else even know better? We cannot.

I’ve found it best to just read as much as I like and keep the knowledge mostly to myself and other people who are interested in that until there comes the question… And then I need to be able to explain a very complicated thing worth many books in a simple way. To be able to do that is the learning challenge always, when you are able to teach it in simple terms, you know your stuff.

So in this sense I do not need to make my girlfriend interested in books, I just need to learn them better in order to be able to explain those ideas and concepts in so simple terms that she can understand and apply them when she asks for it. That should keep me busy for a while 😉

Wise speech

I just realized that I am pretty much in the speaking profession, because most of the value I bring to the clients generated and communicated through speech. Yet before that something crucial must happen and that’s called listening and transforming that listening to understanding. So speech is really tiny part of the whole equation, although very critical.

After thousands of conversations over the phone past two years, I am still beginner on the road towards mastery.

Wise speech does not waste.

Also we humans cone somehow sense when a well thought person speaks. The language and the tone of speech is something totally different.

When was the last time you listened yourself?