What are Worthwhile Problems in the World?


Big part of this morning was to have internal dialogue with myself in order to clarify what to do with my life goals. These goals are the kind of metrics in order to stay track for the bigger purpose. However, if possible, shouldn’t I be serving the bigger purpose right now? I’ve failed to define the big purpose clearly.

I am big fan of Elon Musk, because he identifies problems and comes up with really good solutions that are better than everything that has existed before. He has done this time and time again, I was awed today as I saw the solar roof unveiling presentation.

I am angry at myself, because I have not defined even what are the most important problems in the world that need to be solved, so that I could be working at them.

As an example, I was quite recently checking out one solar roof company here in Finland. At the end I deemed that it was quite nice idea, however it was still passionless and costly. Now as I see the Tesla & SolarCity solution, I am awed.

What is the difference? There is huge difference in communicating the mission, purpose and vision.

However, I do not blame the companies, because each one of us should define our own mission clearly as possible first. Then if we cannot find any organizations that align with that purpose, I believe we should organize ourselves.

What are the problems you want to solve in this world?

Start Building Your Legacy Today


Writing has been me the way to develop and clarify my thinking. Writing is a good way to do that, however the potential of writing is much more: I can describe and communicate what I’ve learned.

Yesterday as evening as I had done with my evening meditation, I was thinking about the shortness of life: how to live without regrets? I understood that indeed each day and moment are gifts, we should use them in a way that contribute that higher purpose.

In my case I understood that after me would still remain my writing and each day I’ve chance not only improve my own writing, but to give out my very best, because this is indeed what remains.

I like reflection, journaling and learning. In fact I had a vision to write journals and then to use them as material to memoirs at older age. Now I understand and realize that I do not have to wait.

Whatever your thing is, find ways to start today.

Negativity Can Help You


Two days ago, I had the deepest meditation I’ve had as far as I can remember.

The prequel to this meditation was kind of realization from the Mark Manson’s book: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. It all had to do with accepting and acknowledging the negative feelings. It is indeed beneficial and healthy to feel these emotions. As I did this, I was able to accept reality more as it is as well and then start to work from there.

I had been in the “must be positive” –trap for a while. Thanks to reading this book I was able to receive a different kind of perspective and thus finally give up on just trying to be positive and acknowledge things as they are.

Accepting negativity allowed me to pinpoint the current state of things. I had to accept the reality, which I was twisting with hopeful thinking and whatever things are gonna be alright. Although sometimes we should lead ourselves to think positively, it does not mean it solves every problem we have.

When there are negative signals, it’s good to listen and take them into account. Just by acknowledging the reality, we can begin to heal and improve it a lot.

If we do not acknowledge the negativity, it’s going to grow stronger and deeper, better to acknowledge it when it’s still manageable size.

Life comes with all sorts of twists and turns, we shouldn’t act as if we are untouched and unscathed by these events – we are not. Therefore take a moment to listen yourself, accept the negative things as well as the good things and you will have a much more grounded sense of reality and you will have a happier life.

Six Tips to Get More Learning Out of Your Reading


As I’ve read increasing amounts of books now through the year, I’ve learned a very important lessons as well about both quantity and quality of the reading.

I read mostly nonfiction and my primary purpose is self-education, learning and broadening my perspectives. Previous year I read maybe two dozen or so books, depending on what I count. This year my goal has been 36 books which is looking good.  Many people read more, however many also a lot less.

As my reading has steadily increased, and continues steadily to increase, I’ve been worried that if I am becoming actually a self-help junkie? Prompt answer was no, as what I try to do is to apply a lesson or preferably two from the book right away to my life if possible and most of the time it very well is.

I think everyone should read and apply what they read more.

To get more out of your reading:

  1. Find and buy the most relevant books for your current situation.
  2. When reading, think how you can apply this right away to my life?
  3. Take notes or use digital such as Kindle notes.
  4. Review & revisit your notes after a day, a week and a month to reinforce learning.
  5. Reflect on your journal about what you’ve applied and how it worked.
  6. Ask yourself can this be developed even further?

Working for the dreams


Today I would like to expand on day before yesterday topic about from problems to positive problems.

Continuing still the insights from the book: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson is definitely the “just do something” –principle. Better start doing something and thus start chipping away the big goal.

It’s because procrastinating is comfortable and the suffering of work towards dreams is not so.

What is your dream?

My dream is to see more fulfilled human potential on earth. I believe that through giving we all in the end get more. I do this mainly by clarifying my thoughts into writing first and then also discussing about them.

I write every day and on most days I do other things as well as towards this dream.

What do you do towards your dream? Today? Tomorrow?

While reading Manny’s book, I realized while reading that there are many others actions too that I could be doing and should be doing. It’s easy the comfort in habits and especially after we have already have accomplished the minimum.

However, if we want to reach for a dream it would be good to do a bit of extra. Even small deeds each moment can compound or grow in years into something great.

What are you willing to sacrifice for your dreams?

What are you willing to do or “suffer” for your dreams?

In my personal life I’ve chosen many things over others. As a most recent change which I am quite proud of is the fact that I am reading more instead of watching TV shows or playing games. I believe that the published works are one of the most qualified forms of content out there.

As I am trying to communicate ideas that change behavior, I feel like it’s very important to get quality ideas in.


(Picture 1. Input-Output).

As in the picture 1, it’s critical therefore to select the quality ideas at the left side, then remember to keep doing things on the right side. I guess this could be called the pareto principle of creative process: absorb highest quality ideas that one can find and then create a lots of output out of that. I believe through this process one will learn and things will get done.

Life is constantly imperfect and perfection cannot be achieved. Yet I would say comfort requires challenger and a question everyone can ask: is this the best I can do?

We can only do our best, yet many of us fail to even try. Everyone does at times, however therefore there is the concept of effort and conscious struggle against that which is easy, versus that which is hard.

At the present we are crafting the future. We can make impact even to the present, by being present and doing our very best. This is mindfulness, this is peacefulness. We are on our way to the mastery through which we and others will realize our dreams, not because they are possible, but because our work has made them possible.

POEM: Strangeness of Change

When you change,

Familiar seems strange,

Old seems to suck,

And people are stuck.


Now you’ve a color vision,

And it’s time to make  decision.

Start the journey into something new,

In order to have a better view.


Life is short,

World is large,

Bit like sport,

Go ahead and charge!

From problems to positive problems


 I’ve had my suffering and problems upgraded and I felt like that my previous mental models were not enough to solve the problems I am facing today. Gladly after reflection and prospection I’ve found some clarity of thought in the book: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life by Manson, Mark.

So far I’ve finished only about a third of it, but as it links a lot of my thoughts from the past thoughts and fits very well my own context of thoughts I want to give these thoughts out loud reflection as well.

Core question that I was missing was: what I am willing to suffer for?

Rich have rich problems, bosses have boss problems, and employees have their problems. World is full of problems, we will never run out of problems they will just change the form and hopefully present themselves as more positive problems.

Life is about problem transformation, act of solving the problems and thus transforming them into more positive problems. Positive problems are nice like having free time or money to spend.

All we need to do then is to accept this: life has suffering, but we can have a pretty awesome life if we are willing to suffer and solve certain kinds of problems.

What are you willing to suffer for?

Building lasting happiness


Happiness is built bit by bit on the unknown, by working and sacrificing for something beforehand. From there it flows to the present. Present good deeds and effort, will come back eventually. Karma.

Instant gratification, pleasure does the opposite as it does not require work and effort. It provides the reward first, but the reward is never enough. Rewards get less and less pleasurable. Quality of the pleasure continues to suffer and the attempts to patch that with quantity only make downward spiral worse.

Happiness is the peace of mind that is achieved by doing your best each day. Knowledge that good will come to you, if you do good things.

One way to ensure that you are each day happy from now on is to define the categories and priorities straight and then each day start working from the critical towards the small.



From my brief observation, it seems like people with power seem to be interested in having more power. They will listen, if what you have to say will increase their power. In fact they are willing to help if this is the case.

However anything they do not feel like will increase their power, they are repulsed by.

Power is gained through interactions and formed into complex social hierarchy.

To have more power, would mean to increase the existing power.

Priority Categories: Critical, Big and Small


From the game of Go, I’ve learned prioritizing method which I’ve then successfully applied in life. As in the game, in life the priority order works in the framework of a day very well.

  1. Critical things are those, urgent that should be done immediately. I consider these critical priorities as health, loving, meditation and curiosity. With critical things, there is no negotiation they are the necessities for good and meaningful life.
  2. Big things are then the things that give more meaning, there are things like work, experiences, writing and reading.
  3. Small things are the last, if there any energy remains, these have to do with secondary things such as aesthetics, enjoyment and entertainment.

What is critical for your life? What about big? And small?

Essentially with this, it’s easy to plan the day around. Critical things have to be done first, big things second and small things if time and energy remains.

Clarify what each of these categories mean to you and you’ve a guideline to plan your days better. Clarifying to which category each action goes ahead of time, saves time and energy when you do not need to negotiate with yourself anymore what is more important or what should be done first.