My vision

Everything is impermanent, imperfect, incomplete. – Sen no Rikyu

With this piece, I am daring finally to start working on my vision. On this very day 23.5.2016 I felt I was ready to start thinking about the next big idea. As a background, I just recently some days ago finished reading Seth Godin’s awesome book Linchpin. There Seth put really good framework to start ‘my work’ and something I want to follow. However, then he also referred to the Leo Babautas book Zen habits, where Leo apparently speaks of starting only a one project in a year.

I haven’t yet got chance to read Leo’s book yet, but the idea sounds really powerful. One big idea per year. So for the past year I’ve been working in all kinds of projects, building understanding and finally understanding that those were not my things. Now I decided to let this thought sink for a bit, and take a deep breath before taking on another venture. However, today I feel like I am starting to be ready to work. Actual work is small and simple things everyday.

Man begins moving mountain, by carrying away small stones. -Confucius

Now, while  I am not yet ready to commit to my grand vision totally, I am in a transit period. I’ve begun to open my mind for the idea and the vision and therefore this page exists to construct the thought of the vision further.

Usefulness of the pot comes from its emptiness – Lao Tzu

I would not like to work on meta work like writing CV’s and applications to a work and subjecting myself to the recruitment process at this time. I feel like I am doing the world bigger favor and serving it better by devising the grand vision, splitting it into a small actionable parts and starting carry away the rocks and do other simple things. This is what I am going focus, everyday a bit. ‘

Currently the form I am having in mind is movement-like business or business-like movement, which provides the legal capacity to operate and thus giving me the right and legitimacy to operate in modern society as well as make sure that the actions are providing tremendous value.