Let Go of Perfection, Strive of Excellence Instead


It has been over ten years ago, when I started to learn to let go from the perfection. Quickly I found another worthy idea to pursue: excellence. My encounter during a cross borders project with a professor on 2013 reinforced my liking the concept of excellence. He asked “who here is striving for excellence” and without hesitation I raised my hand, because although I didn’t know how to explain the concept I felt it resonated very deeply within me.

At a definition level, I think we all must first let go of perfectionism, because it’s unlikely. Excellence is much more achievable and now I think I’ve discovered the words to explain why.

Google gives us definition “the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.” However, good in measure against what?

I stumbled upon this phrase which puts my thinking into words very well: “Excellence is not about being the best; it’s about doing your best.” – Anonymous

Measure is yourself. Are you striving for excellence, and are you doing your today’s best?

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