Three Poems, Three Reminders



I am awestruck by some of the poems we have chance to enjoy at this day and age, i.e.:

Invictus by William Ernest Henley (YouTube)

A Million Pieces by Jon Jorgenson (YouTube)

No Man is an Island by John Donne (YouTube)

Lesson we all can learn from these poems are boundless. From key reminder in Invictus for me it is to stick with what I can control.

A Million Pieces keeps giving me goose bumps, because in fact it’s a reminder that we are the makers of our life, often through apparent suffering we are going to make our life. What hurts and breaks us is in fact making us ever more unique.

And finally, No Man is an Island reminds us that everything is interconnected.

We can control our lives. We will get hurt while trying to live, however that hurt makes us stronger. If however something unfortunate happens, it’s good to remember that any loss is collective loss.

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