Sense of Progress


What I’ve learned, that first hope is the first inspiration in leadership: if we see something is possible – even better see that it might be done one day by ourselves we start to see the meaning in taking action. Then there is another level, where we must feel the sense of hope every day – to see and feel the progress and feel the accomplishment of this tiny steps.

This is difficult. In video games this sense of progress has been very well utilized with all kinds of bars and chimes. In professional life yeah to some extent. However, considering that the we get our livelihoods out of something I think we could do a lot better than this at it. There are all kinds of complex tasks to be done, which can and many times are broken down into a smaller tasks, which then can be completed within the day.

Blasting through as many of this kind achievable tasks and then knowing that they lead to bigger goal give the sense of progress and accomplishment – which in turn result into great feeling.

I’ve started to chunk more and more tasks into my calendar and it has started to work. I’m getting better at it so I put only things I will do. I like the sense of progress and achievement that results after doing everything. This creates two things:

  • First there is the law of time pressure to get a thing done within this time.
  • Then there is the system, to which I can trust to get these things done.

Most importantly the sense of progress comes in linking everything you do with the bigger purpose. Then just do the small things every day.

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