We Get Small Part of What We Give


We ought to live virtuous life. The more good we do and more value we add the more we receive. Yet the good we receive is always but a fraction of all good value we create.

When we combine the living virtuous life with selfless service we do in fact good without any expectance of return and through that we get unexpected benefits of seeing many good things happen when they need to.

We should look to do more good, to increase the value.

Difficult here is to contemplate on the right values, what is good? I.e. your own beliefs and values might collide with someone else’s. You mustn’t negotiate about anything worthwhile.

Instead we should work from what we believe and then create and give away value from there.

With less attachment we are able to, the more we feel like having. The more we give, the more generous and having we feel.

When we give, the motive isn’t merely to and expect return, but rather to do good without expectation. Doing good things to others makes us feel generous, and world will find a reprocicate.

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