Service and Sales


To sell is human definition by Daniel Pink, is that selling is moving people and therefore we are all in this profession. Brian Tracy in Science of Money agrees and add that we are all sales people with straight commission.

We all are trading our time for something. We should look to the value of our input, because in reality we only get a really small slice of all the value we manage to add. We should start looking to add more value first?

Actually we can stop looking to gain more altogether, it’s not a good place to focus on.

Sales consists of three things: service, marketing and leading.

  • For service you can take almost any prophet for example, they prioritized serving people.
  • Marketing is marketing the successes that come from the service.
  • Leading is about leading the decision making process.

At simplest forms sales is service, beforehand without any expectation of return and with your own risk. This creates the connection which you can turn into a commercial cooperation if you so desire to do.

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