At the Top Differences Are Slight

Anyone who has strived to become great at anything knows that the differences at the top are just ever so slight. At times a person has combinations of qualities that secure slightly more advantage that seemingly cause the person to seem dominant. As seen here:

(Image credits: PhotoBobil – originally posted to Flickr as Bolt. Usain Bolt winning the 100 m final 2008 Olympics)

Seemingly slight differences make huge differences in the end result.

This is both physical, mental, emotional or spiritual qualities. Small things add up!

Those who strive to be the best version of themselves, get to be just that by trying to do it by doing the small things well. In the end we are all imperfect, however doing those small things just so right bring us as close to the perfection as we can.

Any closer we cannot come or go, we did our best.

With doing the best and doing the small things right, my point is that journey and effort that matter. When we challenge ourselves to do our best and then something, we are in fact learning. We might be succeeding sure, however at very least we are increasing our own and hopefully the knowledge of all humanity.

Records are created to be broken, and challenged.

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