Other Centeredness


In business there is customer centeredness and that is justified with what customers do bring in the table: they allow companies to continue and exist, so customers are prioritized.

In sales there is often a thought about proactive market makers. So then I began to ponder, could businesses be people centric instead of just customer centric? Could businesses still operate?

Then I took the thought even further, that thinking about just people is no good, that’s kind of selfish if we consider that we share the whole planet and ecosystem with all life forms. So then I quickly came up with the term other centeredness, which happens to include all the other life forms too.

If we are to live a good life, we should take care of the lives of others as well.

I like the ideas of compassion and metta in Hinduism and Buddhism. Our focus should be in bringing a better lives for others. That which we focus on grows.

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