We are the Creators of Our Own Emotional Rollercoasters


Mammals have this amazing quick and effortless ability to feel. Feeling emotions makes communication incredibly quick.

In groups of animals there is the emotional contagion effect. Same is in humans, the strongest emotion in a group will take hold after about two minutes and set the tone for the rest of the group.

Because emotions are quick and effortless, they become easily chaotic. There starts to swing many emotions around and soon emotions are difficult to control, especially if you do not have any training.

With chaotic emotions, it is very easy for people to get hurt either really or through misunderstanding. Most often the time we hurt each other simply because we do not understand each other well enough. We may jump to conclusion or misinterpret even good intentions without full understanding.

At times we are right and the fault is not in us at all.

We have right to feel what we feel. That being said, although we feel, does not mean we are what we feel. We are not our feelings, because we can observe them.

Understanding the passing by nature of the emotions helps us to manage the chaotic nature. First things is to recognize and give a name for the feelings. Through recognizing we take notice, and because we can take notice – we can let go as well.

Recognize and let go. Deep breath.

Our feelings do not dictate our emotional life. Feelings come and go, emotional life is what stays. We are working for longer term emotional life. If feelings are the ups or downs of the rollercoaster, the emotional life is the whole ride.

We are the makers of our own rollercoasters. We can determine beforehand what kind of ups, downs and loops we add there. We can then accept that this is our rollercoaster and enjoy the whole ride even though some turn might feel bad, the overall is our awesome creation.

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