Unique, Not Apart


 We are individuals who are who are part of greater self. We seek naturally to be a part of something greater than us. People are hypersensitive pack animals, because this is the way we have survived. Prioritizing first our own safety comes through belonging to group.

Our first need is safety. Only after safety has been satisfied we begin to look for some sort of variance of excitement. On the next level there is uniqueness and belonging. And finally there is fulfillment and altruism.

Because we are pack creatures pretty much all our needs are fulfilled through other people. Sure we can be physically safe alone, but we cannot be psychologically and emotionally completely safe and sane alone.

Once we feel safe within the group, our needs to show our individual and unique side begins to grow. In this way the individual flourishes within the group. We all have need to express our uniqueness and to be ourselves to a some degree.

With the individual now in mind it is easy to think that we are just individual. In reality we are just self that is part of greater self where we all are connected.

Having both interconnectedness of everything in mind, while at the same time seeing each other as unique individuals we are is a skill to practice 😉

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