Pure Consciousness


As a bit of continuation to positive desire, I thought to write a bit about one such positive desire which reads on my wall: good karma. Good karma to me means good deeds and pure consciousness that follows.

Since I learned that there is a difference between a positive desire and a selfish desire, I’ve thought about it and decided to try create good karma. There is no good that hasn’t been evil at first. Evil has to be unlearned and only then we can achieve pure consciousness. Therefore I do not follow those who are born gods, I follow those who have strayed from the path and grown wise.

Pure consciousness is something money cannot buy and living with something like that is a joy. And I feel like with pure consciousness I’ve at least progressed towards my purpose rather than taken steps back from it.

For desire and a purpose progress does matter. And if it’s something that is possible bigger than just self all the better.  It’s a kind of goal of a goal.

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