Contemplation on the Nature of Interconnectedness


Human being is a superorganism. Superorganism is a combination of two or more organisms working together. Being the kind of superorganism, it’s hard for us to understand exactly how complicated and interconnected we ourselves are.

Even at larger level the human societies are kinds of organisms of which we are all part of. Actually at even larger scale all life is a superorganism or should it be a virus that uses the non-living or in-between to evolve in to more complexities which allow life to spread even further and further.

Again in at a larger level the living and not living are connected, we are all made the building blocks that are around us. We are actually an organism, part of the bigger organism. Where is the “I” in all this?

Because of this lack of I, or perhaps because of the omnipresence of it it’s hard to think of better way to live than that of nonviolence. We have unique life, what can we give with it?

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