Path to Greatness


Path to greatness is built on repetition. Repetition of the basic things. Masters worship the basics every day. Until your dedication to the basics resembles worship: keep on learning.

It’s not even that much that we need to learn in the end, we just need to learn it more often. Quality of few ideas does go over quantity. Reading the dozen few great books a couple of dozen times is actually better than reading fifty different ones with.

A book read once, deserves to be read again. And the truly great books deserve to be read great many times.

Great speakers deserve to be heard a dozen times. Their successes and flaws are each time different, however it’s not really what they do, but what does your mind start to process during and in between the talks.

Whatever it is a book we are reading, or a talk we are listening we should learn to take notes. Not only that we may return to them, but so that we can direct our attention to the learning. This is a thing I’ve been amazed at – CONSTANTLY, even among so called professionals only write what they already see on the flip chart. What the fuck seriously?  You should primarily be listening and be recording the keywords, phrases rather than that which is going on the flipchart.  The contents of the flipchart come as secondary, you can easily record that too. What I am trying to say is that when attentively focusing and listening, you should prioritize listening and recording that which has not been obviously recorded (on the flipchart). In between spaces and breaks you can also copy and what is on the flipchart, however that is not your priority because it is there, it’s not going to run away.

Learning to learn is the path to greatness. And to learn to learn we need to repeat the basic things until we worship them.


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