Atmosphere Determines the Resistance and Results


Atmosphere is a magical thing: when people have right attitude and preparation, everything flows.

If on the other hand if something is forced, nothing seems to come out of it.

Some individuals manage to create such atmosphere, if not for others, at least for themselves. Individual atmosphere is called attitude.

When there are group of people, peoples’ attitudes influence each other and create the general atmosphere where the whole group is working on. This can be either self-fulfilling prophecy, positive cycle or an endeavor not worth pursuing (giving up), most of the time it is something from between.

The direction atmosphere is developing significantly affects the results. When atmosphere is encouraging to try to the right things more likely to reduce resistance and get more results.

All goals should be broken down to these most important actions. In sales it could be number of meetings, in marketing and setting up those meetings it is the number of calls made. In achieving my reading goal the reading at least 15 minutes a day is the thing. Right actions, bring the right results.

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