Make Your Desired Goals Inevitable


We cannot achieve everything we desire. Most of the desires in fact are rather harmful and unnecessary.

In this life we have little energy to achieve desires. Therefore running after many desires is rather devastating and unsatisfying, as in this way it is unlikely that we will be able to satisfy many desires at once.

Satisfying needs is more important than satisfying desires. Yet life completely without desire would be a rather dull existence. Instead of going moment by moment after a desire, how about select one long term desire, a dream to fulfill and focus your energy to that.

Once you know what you want, break it down into action. Make the action habit, do something for it everyday. Continue tweaking your lifestyle accordingly, so that all your habits and focusing will be bringing you closer to the achievement of your desire.

You will inevitably reach your desire if you get to live long enough. It is due to the fact that we do not when our mortality comes in question, so it is best not to focus too much on the end result either. Rather, because of the possibility we should make most of the days meaningful as possible by exactly working through small steps towards the grand goal which may or may not be one day achieved. At you have done each day everything that is in your power for the goal of desire.

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