Don’t Think You Know


To learn, one must be willing to learn without expiration date.

Magic of the learning happens with the attitude of openness, humility and curiosity. The best are awake and trying to constantly learn.

First thing is the preparation: those who are eager to learn are also prepared, both mentally and physically. Have you ever tried to absorb knowledge with an empty stomach?

Even if we recognize something we rarely know.

Even if we know something well enough to teach it, there still comes up something to learn.

So where exactly the learning stops? Answers is, it doesn’t. The road to mastery is the passionate learning and practice every day until the end of days.

Surrender yourself to the learning and make a note of everything, not just the parts what are highlighted and require. Often in the coaching people just write or draw what is being drawn to the flipchart, even though 90% of the themes spoken are not being drawn or demonstrated anywhere. So why record only 10?

Mostly this is due to laziness and lack of herd behavior to support to writing. Yet Even if you would attentively listen and write half of the references that come up, you would be way better off that most. Then if you would actually study those books and examples mentioned in during the training you would probably be in the top 10%.

Most importantly you would be actually learning.

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