Story Telling is a Fun Way to Repeat


 Story telling makes all learning more meaningful, fun and memorable. Only in a leadership role, I’ve understood the significance of this skill in work, learning and well it could be applied to almost anything!

When I was coming home today, I noticed a school kid studying some plant picture apparently for a test of some kind. To me it seemed rather uninspiring way to study plants.

Why not take a classful of people to the nature, assign a plant to each of them and make them find out something about that plant. At the end of the lesson you’ve classful of stories about different plants. I bet even after that kind of story session you retain more useful knowledge over your lifetime than over memorizing plant names by their pictures.

We learn through repetition (or should I say we don’t forget). Story telling is a fun way to be repetitive so that we may learn. It’s a skill we all can improve through our lifetime and through it we grow and help others grow as well.

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