Reading more or more often?


There is tremendous value of repeat reading the things you’ve read past year or even few months.

Having read three to four books a month, I’ve started to put increasing amount of value of returning to the same book. On my kindle, I get the highlight notes, which is about 10% of the total book. Those I revisit rather frequently which is awesome and they serve as incredibly assistance in my writing as well.

While highlights are great, they are still only part of the book. We forget most of it like the forgetting curve shows.

When it comes to great books, they should be read more often (especially nonfiction).

As example, I read Road Less Travelled about a year ago. I thought it was a great book. Now that I read it for the second time, I noticed how little I had understood of it. Certainly I had taken key points from there and even applied much of the lessons there, but the second time only deepened my understanding, gave me totally new perspective and again several points to work on.

I feel like this is a book worth of studying several times, if not for a lifetime.

When it comes to books like this, it’s not the quantity of how many we’ve read, but how well we’ve internalized the message and the lessons there.

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