Be Prepared to Give Up Small Picture That Does Not Serve Big Picture


Today morning I had to accept that I wouldn’t be much of an asset today at my work community. I considered my options for a minute and had to admit that I probably serve everyone the best if I just do the necessary things from home office and rest for the day.

In the big picture I felt this was common sense and a right thing to do.

Still somehow in the smaller picture, I felt the need to show up and push through.

With quiet observation and reflection I came to conclusion that these small picture thoughts might be right if it were some sort of crucial key moment in my life. Yet there wasn’t anything that I couldn’t do by telecommuting, so it was just rather outdated way of thinking and feeling working inside of me.

We are not that important in the big picture of all things. Where we can make a small dent in the universe is in our own big picture, our own purpose. We should focus on fulfilling that, whatever that may be. That will take all we’ve got.

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