Communication is a Core Skill


I’ve been under appreciating communication as a skill. Yet it seems, that I have not been only one, since otherwise I would’ve set some lifelong learning goals at a business school.

Communication is hard, really hard.

I realized is that those with great communication skills simply have more time. Because, once you can communicate with others in a such way that they understand, that means you are able to scale your productivity.

It always takes two to communicate, so each interaction is unique situation. This is exactly where the perceived challenge starts: no matter how good communicator you think you are, it doesn’t matter. What matters is how and what has the other person understood?

Also how does one make sure other person has understood at all. Sometimes due to cultural differences yes does not mean yes. In some cultures, nodding means no as well.

Successful communication is the sum of many skills and above all the understanding of the many contexts.

However, there is one particular skill in communication and leadership that cannot be replaced: repetition. Repeating the same message in variety of interesting ways is the most effective ways to make sure that the other party will understand and remember.

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